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Britpakgirl Sharmeen ZiauddinThanks for stopping by 🙂

My name is Sharmeen Ziauddin and I am a writer/journalist/blogger. I’m British, born and bred, I love sandwiches and complaining about the weather.  I also love being a Muslim and combining the two is the most awesome thing.

This is a place where I blog about halal living. This means that I will blog about some of the following:

  • Restaurants:I’m a big foodie so restaurants will be featured…A LOT. Where the restaurant serves halal meat I will specify at the bottom of the post. I observe a halal diet which means that everything I eat will be either vegetarian, seafood, alcohol-free or halal verified. I may even throw in an odd recipe here and there!
  • Travel: Hotels, airlines, activities – anything related to travel that I think is ‘Muslim-friendly’.
  • Halal fun: As a mother of three children (aged 11, 9 and 5) we are always on the look out for different experiences and fun things for us to do as a family. Sometimes I even get to do fun things without the kids!
  • Health & beauty: I review cosmetics, skincare and hair products that appeal to me. Halal beauty is a growing industry and I will be trying to review a lot more of these kind of products.


What does Britpakgirl mean?

Here are a few of my definitions for Britpakgirl:

Brit – Someone from Britain

Pak  – A homophone of ‘pack’ i.e. to pack a suitcase 🙂

Pak – An abbreviation of the word Pakistani.

Pak – Pak (pronounced paak) means pure in Urdu.

Other services I provide:

Copywriting: I write content for websites and blogs including newsletters. If you need help with growing your business then please contact me for competitive rates.

Consultancy: Global Muslim travel is the fastest growing sector in the tourism industry. You can read my ‘Guide to Halal Tourism’ here. I provide advice and consultancy to PRs, hotels, airlines, attractions and restaurants who are struggling to attract the Muslim pound. Please contact me for further details.

Collaborations: I’m always interested to hear from brands that would like reviews and exposure on britpakgirl.com or any of my social media channels. As long as I feel it’s relevant to my blog, then let’s talk!

Disclosure: If I receive products/compensation or have been invited to a restaurant for review I will mention this in the post.  My blog posts will always be my own, truthful opinions.

Social Media Management: If you are a small business owner and need an experienced individual to handle your social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat) and grow your business, then get in touch so we can discuss your needs.

To see some of my writing portfolio, click here.

You can see my social media channels below:

Instagram: @britpakgirl

Twitter: @britpakgirl

Facebook: www.facebook.com/britpakgirl


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