Aluva Chocolates

I was sent some chocolates to review from a small new company Aluva who create halal, hand made chocolates. Halal — meaning free from alcohol and using halal animal derivatives. The company is also approved by the Halal Monitoring Committee (HMC).

The chocolates came in nice packaging giving them a luxurious feel. I was sent the Aluva Botanical Selection which contains 9 different white, milk and dark chocolates. This assortment has chocolates with a variety of warm subtle flavours like cardamom, mint and vanilla. My favourite was the range of dark chocolates, where one had a date like flavour and another a mousse centre which tasted uniquely different to most chocolates I’ve had, really creamy and smooth.  I’m not keen on white chocolate generally because they’re not really made of cocoa but cocoa butter  and that comes through, making white chocolate less appetising on the whole, and sadly these white chocolates have the same problem. It would be handy if there was a taste card with a description of each chocolate as these were all different. On the other hand it was a good guessing game trying to work out what flavours are in the chocolate.

Aluva chocolates do not contain any artificial preservatives which gives them a shorter shelf life. This is definitely a positive and quite rare in the world of chocolate. I think Aluva have a very different range of chocolates, and I wish them all the best. I hope they are able to capture the hearts of their target market.

The Aluva Botanical Selection can be purchased from the Aluva website for £12.00.

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