Barny Cake Bars

I was sent two packs of Barny bears to try out on my children (aged 8,6 and 2). When they arrived my 8 year old son was hesitant as he doesn’t like anything with guey/saucy centres! I insisted so he tried the chocolate flavour one. He loved them! Simply, they are individually wrapped cakes with a flavoured guey centre, but they don’t have any artificial sweeteners or preservatives and this really comes across in the taste. They are individually wrapped making them incredibly easy to take on picnics or any day out. Great for a snack when you’re on the move or a treat in the home. They are also suitable for vegetarians. They tasted a lot better then I expected, and my children ate them very quickly! Barny also comes in Apple and Milk flavour.

My daughter really enjoyed the strawberry flavour Barny bears. So much so that when we went on a little adventure with Barny we didn’t have any strawberry ones left! We took the chocolate Barnys with us to Chessington World of Adventures. You can see Barny on the Bubbleworks with us!

Thank you to Mumsnet who sent us Barney bears for the purposes of this review.

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