Foodery Ready Meals

Despite not being a fan of conventional ready meals, I was so excited to try these ready meals by Foodery UK. Firstly they’re fully halal and secondly the bright and colourful packaging is so enticing that I couldn’t wait to heat them and give them a try.

As I said I’m not into ready meals mainly because of their low nutritional value and usually being bland and boring. And of course, if you only eat halal like me then the choice is usually between cauliflower cheese and a fish pie. Yawn.

Apart from the meal itself I was impressed with the nutritional values as they mostly have green and amber values (traffic light system) meaning there’s no need to worry about too much salt, sugar or fat. The ready pots can be heated in the microwave in three and a half minutes (ideal to take to work) or in a pan.

I was sent three flavours  for review and here they are in order of preference:

  1. Thai Green Chicken Curry (494 kcal)— Oh my goodness, this looked like the most unappealing meal pot out of the three but it was the best one. Tangy and spicy in perfect balance, I can’t emphasise how yummy this was. There was just enough chicken, the baby corn and green beans had flavour and it was very similar to how I make it at home. I was so sceptical about this as I couldn’t imagine it tasting fresh but it was just like any other good Thai curry I’ve had. Amazing.

  2. Moroccan Chicken Tagine (452 kcal)— Again a really impressive meal pot, spicier than I expected but full of flavour. Generous amounts of chicken and I really enjoyed the different ingredients especially the larger than usual couscous and black rice grains. I wasn’t loving the butternut squash in it but the raisins and olives were a nice addition. I initially heated this on a pan but found it was sticking so then chucked in the microwave. Would happily eat this again and again.
  3. Jamaican Jerk Chicken (380 kcal)— Even though it’s at number three, this was still a really comforting meal. I loved the combination of the tomatoey rice, beans and pineapple but found the chilli a bit over powering. What is great is that the chicken is NOT smelly and actually tastes good — result.


Where Can I Get One?

You can get hold of Foodery Meal Pots in Asda and Tesco. If you want to know which is your nearest supermarket, take a look at their website as you can put your postcode in it will tell you where to purchase.


The meal pots retail at £2.50 so won’t break the bank and way cheaper than a take-away. A meal for two for a fiver, not bad at all.

All three flavours are great to have in the fridge for those days you can’t be bothered to cook or a really good substitute for a take-away. Most importantly they are not bad for you like conventional processed ready made meals. One pot is a substantial amount for one person, no need for any sides. Well done Foodery — totally impressed!

If you’ve tried one, what did you think of it?



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