Jelly Bears Vitamins for Kids

Jelly Bears Vitamins for Kids

I was sent three packs of Jelly Bears to try on my children aged 7 and 5. When I showed them the 3 boxes of vitamins they could hardly contain their excitement. The packaging is so colourful and appealing, that my children couldn’t resist them. They are packaged like sweeties, which helps if you have fussy children. The actual jelly bears are inside a plastic bottle shaped like a bear with a bear head for a lid. They come in 3 different flavours:

Summer Berry flavour Multivitamins

Orange flavour Zinc and Multivitamins and

Orange flavour Omega 3

The cool thing about these vitamins is that they don’t contain gelatine meaning that they are 100% vegetarian. When my children were younger and more fussy, they didn’t eat any of the tablet type vitamins as I’ve never been able to find a jelly based vitamin which is vegetarian. This a great product for vegetarians and those who only eat halal meat like my family. They are also gluten free.

As for the taste they are similar to jelly babies in consistency and have a strong sweet  and tangy flavour. My kids prefer the summer berry flavour to orange but are eagerly eating both varieties every day. It is recommended on the pack to eat 1-2 a day. My one year old thinks they’re sweets so the only problem is keeping them away from her, as they are only for 3 years and above.

Each bottle contain 50 gummie bears, retails at £6.99 and are available at Holland and Barrett.

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