KeraSpa Brazilian Blow Dry @ Membis Salon

I’d been thinking about having the ‘Brazilian Blow Dry’ for a while but couldn’t justify spending over £100 on a hair treatment that only lasts 3 months. So along came Groupon with their numerous Brazilian Blow Dry offers.
I waited for one which was located near to me, and bought it straight away. £55 for a KeraSpa Brazilian Blow Dry and a cut sounded too good to be true. And turned out it was.

I wasn’t going to blame Membis Hair and Beauty for this until I saw this video. The keratin KeraSpa treatment promises straight, healthier and shinier hair without any use of the chemical formaldehyde, which is usually used in permanent hair straightening treatments.
Major differences between what Membis did, and the video is that the treatment was applied to very wet hair. In the video it says dry to about 50%.

The procedure following it which involves, blow-drying the hair meticulously, straightening with irons and then washing it again was done by the stylist who was a quiet French guy who seemed to know what he was doing. However the mask product was left on for 5 minutes instead of 10-15 minutes – does this make a difference? Who knows. He cut my hair after this (wouldn’t it have made more sense to cut my hair before starting the treatment?) and even though it’s shorter than I would have liked, the end result would have been great had my hair remained straight after me washing it at home.

When I walked out of the salon, my hair was very straight. I washed it 2 days later to find that it wasn’t straight- it was still very wavy! It was shiny and healthier but certainly not straight. After washing it for a second time, I found my hair was dry and not as silky as it was after the first wash.
I called Membis and was told, it will only be straight after having the treatment repeatedly for a year. Something which neither KeraSpa or Membis mention on their websites. Despite using KeraSpa Shampoo and KeraSpa Conditioner which I bought from Membis at an additional cost of £15.99 each, I’m left feeling bitterly disappointed. The KeraSpa products promise to keep the blow dry feeling last longer.

Did I mention the smell? Supposedly berries, my husband said my hair smelt of fertilizer! It definitely has an unsavoury aroma, which my hair will be smelling of until I finish the damn bottle. Apart from the money, I spent about 3 hours in the salon plus another hour driving there and back on a Sunday morning. My verdict, don’t waste your money, just embrace your curls! Steer clear from Groupon. The only businesses who approach Groupon are probably failing ones.

This is my hair after washing it 4 times, but I’ve blow dried it and straightened it. Looks like my normal hair!

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  • I totally agree with your finding. I had the same treatment done in Canberra Australia and it was a total fizzer. AUD $240 down the drain. What a rip-off. The only treatment that has worked for my hair is the Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment, but this has been taken off the market in Australia due to high levels of formaldehyde. Sigh.

  • I’ve realised that this treatment works on some type of hair, if your hair is not too curly it works better.
    It makes sense though right, if it hasn’t got chemicals in it, how can it work as well?!

  • Any pics of what your hair looked like before?? I was just about to book the same treatment with the same hairdressers, now i am not so sure. I don’t mind my hair not being ‘dead’ straight so long as i get a lasting healthy shine, as well as the hair being ‘mostly’ straight. Your hair doesn’t look too bad in the pic, but that all depends on what it looked like before, hence the question any pics of your hair before?

  • There is a pic on this link, if you go down to the 6th blog, there’s a link to this site and I’m wearing a big Mexican hat. That is my hair naturally, the day before I had this treatment actually. The picture I’ve put up here is slightly deceiving as I’ve blow dried it and used straightners as well. I really should have put up a picture of it drying naturally but I looked awful so I couldn’t do it. I think it depends on how curly your hair is. If it’s really curly I don’t think it works too well. If it’s got a slight wave, then there’s more chance. The condition was good for about a week. I hope that helps.

  • I’ve got an appointmnet booked with the same people using the same Groupon. I phoned them today and they couldn’t understand a word I was saying?! I might just cancel the Groupon and lose my money! what do you think? x

  • I think if you’re anxious about the treatment don’t have it. If you have wavy/straight hair then this treatment may work. The hairstylist is absolutely great, if he’s still there. The owner is Nigerian but he seemed to have a good grasp of English when I called up..perhaps they have new staff?
    I wouldn’t waste my money completely, just go get a haircut if you need one, some consolation?

  • I went to the Membis salon with the groupon voucher and although I was dubious (haven’t been to a hairdresser for over two years & scared of chemicals) I took a leap.
    Well the French guy David was nice but I was concerned about the way he brushed my Afro hair before washing (too rough).
    Having said that a month down the line I am still deeply impressed with the results. My hair was course, frizzy natural Afro. Have washed twice & it was still big and curly but once dried & ironed, Beautiful, soft & flowing. Stays this eat until next wash with no touch up or hassle.
    He also did a fabulous cut, removing all split ends (I do think the initial dry brushing of my hair may have caused some!) Have had nothing but compliments so far saying is the best my hair has looked.
    Easy to maintain on a daily basis as long as using sulfate, sodium & alcohol products (just organic products are good enough. I’m not using the Keraspa range but may try them if or when I decide it’s time to do again through fading.
    I Love it so far.
    The deal is brilliant value. And if you don’t like it it washes out!

    • I’m sorry about the repeats, using a bloody Smartphone…not so smart after all.
      And when I spoke about products, I meant ones that are FREE OF SULFATE/SODIUM! Oops, sorry

    • I’m glad it worked out for you, the guy did say it works really well on afro hair but you need to have it every 3 months for lasting results, apparently. The French guy is an amazing stylist, I agree!

    • I don’t have afro hair, I have thick wavy/curly Asian hair. But after the treatment I had to blow dry it as it was still very wavy after washing it. Hope that helps?

  • Hi Girls, i did my hair today and it smells awful, don’t know what to do ? does anyone know how i can get the product out of my hair? i am kinda freaked out actually

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