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I feel like we don’t give our local Pakistani/Indian/Bengali restaurants enough attention! So I thought I’d do a quick review of a place where we have been a fair few times.

First of all, we don’t go out for Pakistani/Indian food that often as there’s so many other cuisines that are worth trying. Anyhow when we do, I like going here because it’s casual, it’s nearby and you know what you’re going to get! If you’re not Asian then I recommend coming here to get proper authentic Indian/Pakistani food. It’s not fancy, but the food is genuinely good quality Pakistani food.

Best Dish: Haleem (only available on the weekend) £6.95 – I order this because it’s absolutely delicious every time. To make it home can be a bit of a faff so best to eat it out. Not too spicy, not too thick just perfect. Even ordered this for fifty people for a party and it didn’t lack in flavour. Yes they do catering too. (Haleem is spicy slow cooked lamb in grains and lentils — it’s a one pot dish and is awesome!)

Recommended: Mixed Grill £9.95— Something for everyone in this. Flavoursome chops and kebabs, a meat lover’s paradise! Again something that is really hard to do at home as this comes on a sizzling platter, makes it impossible to replicate at home. The butter naan is also spot on and made fresh in the tandoor.

Disappointing: Lamb Korma £6.50— This might be controversial but turns out Lahoris aren’t that great at making korma. Makes sense as it is more of a North Indian dish. This was more like a bhuna dish than a korma. Give it a miss! The karahi chicken is probably the best curry option here.

Drinks: The lassi is pretty good here, sweet being my personally preference but I know the kids enjoyed the mango lassi too.

Service: Can be a bit slow at times, but the staff are friendly and accommodating.

The best thing about Lahore Spices is that you don’t need to go all the way to Tooting/Southall to get your fix of authentic desi food. Next time you’re in Sutton, do pop into this restaurant and show them some love.

Halal Status: All meat halal. Alcohol: N Pork:N
Address: 284 Sutton High Street, Sutton, SM1 1PQ
Parking: Street parking outside after 6.30pm. Nearest station: Sutton.
Cost: ££ About £10 per person

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