Lick – Frozen Yogurt Review

If you are anything like me, then dessert is as important to a meal, as a starter-if not more. Sweet cravings are really hard for me to resist, and it’s where I have little self control. So when I heard about Lick frozen yogurt being FAT FREE – yes fat free, of course I was eager to try it. That’s not all though, Lick boasts that it’s the only frozen yogurt in the world that uses 100% yogurt which also contain many probiotic cultures. All ingredients are natural too, so they really do have a unique selling point. The story behind this business started by two 17 year olds many years ago, is also really cute.

I was kindly given all four flavours to sample. I took the help of two extremely critical sweet toothed tasters to help me review these – my very own seven and five year old ice cream monsters.

This is what we thought:

1) Straight Up – This is the original flavour, which I don’t want to call ‘plain’ as it is really refreshing, pure white frozen yogurt. It reminds me of the Indian drink ‘Lassi’ as it is simple but oh so flavoursome.
Kids verdict: ‘It tastes like yogurt, I like it’ and ‘I like it 99%, it’s very cold’.

2) Strawberry & Elderflower – I was most excited about this flavour but sadly disappointed as the elderflower is too overbearing. I usually love anything with elderflower but this left a strong taste in my mouth which wasn’t that pleasant.
Kids verdict – ‘A bit yummy’. Overall their least favourite.

3) Blueberry & Raspberry – Tangy and fruity, this would be ideally suited to a hot summers day.  White with violet streaks, its very appealing to the eye.
Kids verdict – ‘Tastes like fromage frais’ and ‘Mmmm’. My son’s favourite.

4) Banana & Honey – This was the surprise of the lot as I wasn’t expecting too much, banana being my least favourite fruit in a dessert. The hints of honey compliment the banana flavour well, the overall taste is surprisingly cooling.
Kids verdict: My daughter loved this and almost finished the 125ml tub, definitely her favourite. When I told her what the flavour was she was so surprised, given that she claims that she likes neither, banana or honey.

One of my ice cream monsters said she likes this as much as ice cream and would eat both at any given time. My son slightly more critical said that he definitely prefers ice cream. Personally I would choose frozen yogurt over ice cream any time of the day mainly because of the difference in fat content. As a mother you’re constantly worrying about the fat and sugar intake of your children and if I can substitute ice cream with this occasionally, then that is a result, especially as my daughter ate ice cream almost every day in the summer holidays!

Lick frozen yogurt is available at Sainsburys, Ocado and other smaller shops. RRP £4.95 for 500ml and £1.79 for 125ml.



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