Nabrasa Brazilian Dining — Earsfield SW18

I came across Nabrasa whilst googling ‘halal’ restaurants. Nabrasa located a few doors down from Earlsfield station in Southwest London, is a small sized restaurant offering a buffet and carvery. The idea is the waiter/joint business owner goes round shaving different kinds of meat on to to your plate hot off the rotisserie. The buffet area consists of a variety of salads and some random dishes like vegetable lasagne and fish curry that would accompany the barbequed meats.

The Buffet

The owner is extremely friendly and explained to me where all the different meats come from. There was garlic chicken, rump steak, chicken hearts, pigs in blanket (chicken wrapped in turkey ham I think), chicken wings to name a few. You wouldn’t go home hungry as the carver is happy to keep offering different meats regularly. The meat that stood out for me was the garlic chicken — very tender and juicy, piping hot and bursting with flavour. Another hit was roasted pineapple sprinkled with cinnamon, although not meat still cooked in the same way and brought round hot.

Although the buffet offered enough food to keep you full, I didn’t find anything particularly outstanding. The buffet also has a dessert section including fruit, mousses, cheesecake and chocolate cake. The only spectacular item in the desserts was a double cream/Greek yogurt concoction which was out of this world.

Marinating Meat

I really like the carvery concept but the whole experience was a bit lacklustre. Service was fine, and price reasonable at £20 per person even though I went on the premise that it was the £12.50 per person Sunday Special Carvery as described on the website. On arrival though we weren’t asked which dining option to take and I assumed incorrectly that the Sunday buffet price of £12.50 is standard but you just don’t get the full variety of meats. This is not the case, we were given the £20 option as I found out when the bill arrived. Not a big deal, but the misinformation annoyed me — I’m not entirely sure this is deliberate. On a positive note, the owner’s commitment to providing a halal menu, is admirable as he’s not Muslim himself. It’s also a child friendly restaurant with highchairs available, and with unlimited food for the little ones you really can’t go wrong.

Halal status : All meats halal as verified by owner/Alcohol served/No Pork  
Address: 505 Garratt Lane
Earlsfield, London SW18 4SW

Cost: ££

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