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Having seen multiple photos and recipes on social media, I thought I would try my hand at starting a smoothie diet. By that I mean, substituting standard breakfast fare with smoothies. Due to many health reasons, mainly skin and hair issues I thought it’s time to go easy on wheat and other refined carbs found in most breakfast items and start eating more natural food. But this is hard so a smoothie really is a good substitute if you can’t eat a bucket of fruit or spinach a day and don’t know what to eat in the morning other than toast or cereal. I’ve tried a variety of recipes and have come to the conclusion that smoothies don’t taste that nice but are extremely good for you and that over rules everything including taste.

A great website is greenthickies.com which is a really informative site about how to make, yes you guessed it green smoothies. The basic recipe is the same you just put in the fruit/veg/liquids you like.

I’ve been making all my smoothies in my Kenwood Smoothie Maker which does the job but I must admit some smoothies are still grainy. For example kale doesn’t blend well, neither do grapes. But if you can get over this, then fine otherwise invest in a NutriNinja/NutriBullet, as I’ve heard these produce smoother smoothies! If this is true please let me know in the comments section.

Brown Smoothie

Here is my basic recipe for a low sugar/good for your heart type breakfast smoothie for 1 large portion, I’ll call it brown smoothie (the cinnamon makes it this colour — really attractive I know):
1 banana
1 apple
large handful of strawberries/blueberries
large handful of spinach
1 tablespoon sunflower/flax/pumpkin/chia seeds (for the Omega 3 supplement)
1 tablespoon oats (optional – if you want a more filling smoothie, but can leave a floury taste, alternatively use protein powder)
1 teaspoon cinammon powder (optional – lowers blood sugar level)
Half cup almond milk ( can use any time of milk but I have lactose intolerance issues)


The sweetness from the banana and apple is enough to make this a drinkable tasty smoothie.
Bung it all in your blender, for a good 1-2 mins and job done.

Another similar recipe which is a bit more colourful is this, let’s call it Green Smoothie:


1 banana
Half an apple
handful blueberries
handful strawberries
Large handful kale
Alpro Coconut milk (or any other milk)

More recipes coming soon! Do share your recipes below.

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