Orogold 24k Moisturising Day Cream

The other day my husband handed me a sample of Orogold 24k Moisturising Day Cream that he’d picked up in New York. I didn’t take much notice of it until I opened the sample and used a tiny bit of it. My skin is dry and oily at the same time, basically a bit of a nightmare and it’s pretty sensitive. When I applied the cream, it felt like I’d applied creamy silk to my face.  My skin felt radiant, smooth and refreshed. I then looked up the ingredients and lo and behold Orogold Cosmetics contain gold! Combined with proteins and vitamins, the 24 karat gold is sourced from Italy and boasts it is the answer to anti-ageing, and a solution to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. At £128.00 for a 1.86 fl.oz jar, I’m not about to find out, but I managed to squeeze all the cream out of the sample and make it last 4-5 days! If I had bags of money then I would definitely buy this. Sadly I don’t, so in the mean time I will resort to the second best anti-ageing secret which is to wear a lot of suncream on my face when out in the sun. Sshhhh don’t tell anyone, but Boots do a really good sun cream especially for the face, and it’s on sale at the moment at £4. Result!

Score: 9/10
Cost: 24k Deep Day Moisturizing Cream £128

Orogold Bag
Orogold Bag

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