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Somehow we ended up in another Malaysian restaurant this week! After a hard day shopping and being drove insane in the hell hole that is Westfield (sorry but it is) a warming meal in Penang! was just what we needed.

Penang! is described as ‘casual dining’ so no need to book a table, a bit like a Malaysian version of Nandos, minus the peri peri chicken. This time it was only four of us, two adults and my two girls.

On to the food:

Best Dish: Nasi Goreng Belachan £6.50 — Rice, vegetables and tiger prawns. It was simple, flavoursome and hit the spot. I ordered the prawn version, although there is a chicken or vegetable option. Just how a nasi goreng should be. Perfect.

Disappointing: Satay Chicken £7.50 — Although the sauce was super tasty, the satay was a bit burnt making it dry. Usually satay is juicy and tender and this just wasn’t, which was a shame because the best satay chicken I’ve ever had was in Penang, Malaysia.

Avoid: Ordering too much food. The menu says you should order 3-5 dishes per person which is nonsense really. Another thing to note is that everything comes at the same time a bit like Wagamama. We only saw the set menu after we ordered, which is a bargain at £11.95 per person.

Recommend: Taking the kids. The kids menu is pretty good. For £6.75 you get a noodles/satay chicken  with rice or fried potatoes, with ice cream and a drink. Now the noodles were the same as my husbands ‘Mee Goreng Penang’ dish but my 3 year old loved it with the jasmine rice. I thought it was a bit salty for a kids dish but it got eaten. The portion of noodles is huge so 2 small children can share this quite easily, they may fight over the ice cream though. My 7 year old daughter had the Roti Paratha with Dipping sauce which is quite simply two parathey (fried flatbreads) with some gravy from a chicken curry. She loved it so we were happy as there’s nothing more annoying when you’re eating out than unhappy children.

Service: Really quick and friendly.

Drinks: An extensive alcoholic cocktail list, nevertheless four mocktails plus fresh juices and malaysian hot drinks like teh tarik/coffee tarik etc are also on the menu. I ordered a virgin mojito which looked and tasted great. Fresh juice is always good.

Penang! is a nice place for lunch and we walked in thinking it’ll be quick eat which it was but not the price to match. Although most dishes are under £10 we ordered a fair bit and the bill came to a shocking £80! We ordered about six -seven dishes (Mama Zuhri’s Chicken Curry, Mee Goreng Penang, Green Papaya Salad, Nasi Goreng Belachan, Roti Paratha, Jasmine Rice, Satay Chicken) , four drinks (£4-5 each), a kids meal and one dessert (ice cream for my daughter who didn’t have the kids meal). Regardless the girls were happy and so were we despite the bill.

 Halal Status: All food is halal as stated on the menu. Pork: No, Alchohol: Yes.
 Address: Southern Terrace Restaurants, Westfield London.
Parking: Westfield carpark, max £9.50 for the whole day.
Cost: ££. The total came to £80 for two adults and two children. Would be much cheaper if you go for the 5 course Taste of Malaysia set menu for £11.95.




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