Perkier Gluten Free Products

‘Perkier’ is a range of gluten-free products, which include breakfast porridge and snacks. The packaging is fantastic — colourful, bright and appealing The emphasis is on convenience and of course the lack of gluten in their products. The number of adults and children who have developed gluten intolerances is on the increase. A whole market of ‘free-from’ goods is available with more choices available than ever.

My favourite item that I sampled was the Tiffin Bar — a yummy chocolate bar made of biscuit, honeycomb and raisins. Great for a snack or picnic, and reminded me of Toffee Crisps.

The porridges were sadly not so great. I had to add milk and honey to make them more appetising. The concept is good though, for breakfast at your desk or while you are working, you just need to add hot water.

I think it’s fantastic that the gluten-free market is so big now, having a family member intolerant to gluten I understand how difficult it can be sometimes.

Perkier products can be found in all major supermarkets.

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