Potato Gnocchi with Coconut Sauce and Dukkah recipe, from Stylist

This recipe is living proof that some types of fusion cuisine simply don’t work. The recipe featured in this weeks Stylist is taken from ‘Orient Express’ by Silvena Rowe and is described as a Middle Eastern and Italian cuisine fusion, under the banner ‘Gourmet on the Go’. Being fans of middle eastern cuisine, my husband and I decided to give this recipe a go.
First of all, what is dukkah? Well, it is a dry Egyptian side dish consisting of herbs, nuts and spices. I admit I hadn’t heard of dukkah before. There are three components to this dish- the gnocchi, the sauce and the dukkah. I cheated with the gnocchi and bought Jamie Oliver’s potato gnocchi, which is easy to make and tastes pretty yummy on its own. I should have just added some Dolmio sauce to it but instead chose to proceed with this recipe. The coconut sauce unfortunately lacked any sort of flavour, albeit creamy and rich. The ‘dukkah’ which was time consuming and involved a mortar and pestle, was really not worth the effort. The dish would have tasted better sprinkled simply with some almonds rather than the whole dukkah mix. The combination of the sauce and dukkah simply didn’t work. It’s not often I cook something and cannot even eat half of a plate. Potato gnocchi is so filling, adding such a rich sauce made from mascarpone and coconut milk, to it just doesn’t make sense.
Overall, a complete flop. I’m not taking the blame for it though, far too much faff involved with numerous ingredients but hardly any flavour.

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