Red Iron Burgers — Uxbridge

After hearing rave reviews of Red Iron Burgers, I found a good excuse (family visiting from abroad) to go all the way to Uxbridge, to see if it would live up to its expectation. Did it? Yes and no…

With its huge red LED signage you can’t miss Red Iron Burgers in the middle of the High Street. It’s a casual burger joint with prices to reflect. The restaurant is being refurbished at the moment so there is less capacity than usual. Red Iron does not take bookings so you just have to turn up and wait. We were a party of 10 and considering it was a Saturday evening, waiting 25 minutes wasn’t too bad. It could have been worse!

When we ordered we weren’t asked how we wanted our burgers cooked, so I assumed they make them all the same. I was wrong as some of the burgers were cooked differently. I only noticed on the bill that it said ‘medium-well done’ on all the burgers — no one was actually asked of their preference! On the website it says they are all cooked to medium so major inconsistency going on.  Anyway on to the review…

Best Dish: Red Iron Burger. The patty was cooked to medium-well done and the different types of cheeses oozing out with the caramelised onion was a tantalising combination. If you don’t like sweet flavours in a burger than don’t order this but if you like combining sweet and savoury then this is the burger for you. The chips that come with all the burgers were really tasty too, skin on, crispy, salty and made a change from standard chips. I also enjoyed the bun which is very different to any other burger place — covered with sesame seeds and poppy seeds.

Disappointing: Hot Chilli Burger. The patty was overcooked so it was quite dry and lacked seasoning. Although I liked the charring at the top, the other burger was so much better that this certainly felt inferior. I also had cheese added to this, how can you eat a burger without cheese? Seriously how? 

Recommended: Vanilla Shake with malt. Great combo, so comforting and tasty and a perfect accompaniment to a burger.

Surprisingly Nice: Nachos. A huge spicy portion for only £1.95, brilliant value for money. Note: there’s no cheese or guacamole on these just sour cream, salsa and fiery spices which work fine.

Service: The waitresses were all really friendly and attentive and I really couldn’t fault the service. Again we waited a while for our food once seated but there were a lot of us. We are were also given some complimentary fried gherkins which were crunchy and tangy.


All in all we enjoyed the evening and had mixed reviews of the food from our group. Is it better than Meat & Shake? The Red Iron Burger is better than the Luchador Burger at Meat & Shake, but the Smoking Bandit at Meat & Shake cannot be beaten! Presentation and decor is far superior in Meat & Shake as Red Iron serve the food in red plastic baskets like at Stax Diner, but you a pay for this as a meal at Meat & Shake will cost more. Red Iron Burgers is fantastic value, where you can have a filling burger, chips and drink for £10. Result!

Halal status: All meat halal as stated on menu. Alcohol: No  Pork: No
280 High Street, Uxbridge, UB8 ILQ
Parking: Limited parking, parking available on side roads after 6.30pm.
Cost: ££ The bill came to £83 for 4 adults and 6 children not including service. This included 7 burgers, wings, nachos and a few drinks.

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