The Meat Co. — Westfield, London

An overdue night out with my best friend brought me to The Meat Co. which used to be called The Meat & Wine Company and still is in Australia. This international chain of South African influenced restaurants realised the potential of the halal market accidentally. The success of their Dubai restaurant encouraged them to offer some halal dishes on their menu at Westfield. The response was tremendous, and years on they have renamed their London, South African and Middle Eastern restaurants as The Meat Co. offering a full halal menu and by knocking off the ‘Wine’ to tempt more Muslim diners.

As we entered, the bar area is on the ground floor which was really busy (it was a Friday night though) and loud. For a more serene atmosphere and to eat, you go upstairs although snacks can be purchased downstairs. There is a huge artistic display of empty wine bottles as you make your way upstairs. All I can say is – very cool. The decor in the restaurant is warm and inviting with the colour scheme being gold and maroon creating a lavish environment.

For drinks I ordered my usual non-alcoholic mojito called a ‘mosquito’ here on the menu. We asked for the halal menu which had all the non-alcoholic drinks on it too. The mojito was not sweet enough for my taste. My friend ordered the strawberry cocktail which was much tastier but it’s cream based so I thought I’d save my calorie quota for the steak.


Chicken Wings
I just go weak at the knees for good chicken wings and these did not fail to satisfy. So tender and juicy with the right amount of basting, even my friend who doesn’t eat chicken on the bone enjoyed eating these. The garlicky sauce went perfectly.

This is a South African sausage fried in a salsa style sauce placed on a bed of a polenta cake. Tangy and meaty, wasn’t bad at all. The polenta was quite heavy and filled me up leaving less room for my mains.

Chicken Wings

Super Aged Fillet (medium)
The ‘piece de resistance’ of the night was this supremely cooked beef fillet steak. It was extremely tender and rich, and my friend who doesn’t eat steak (what!?!) said she’s never tasted beef this good. Accompanied with mashed potato, this was a faultless dish. If you don’t like your meat too pink, don’t order ‘medium’ as this ‘medium’ was a bit more rare than a usual medium!

Beef Fillet 200g

Prawn and Beef skewer
The beef was really nicely marinated in spices, and far better than the king prawns which weren’t anything special. The presentation of this dish definitely has the wow factor!

Prawn & Beef Skewer

Creme Brulee
One of my favourite desserts of all time, it had to be ordered even though by this point I was very very full. However there’s always a teeny bit of room left for dessert and this really was a lovely way to end the meal. It was sweet and creamy, and baked to perfection.

Creme Brulee

By this time I was feeling very sleepy despite being in great company the food had consumed me instead of the other way round. Caffine was required!


The Meat Co. is a great restaurant for a romantic dinner or for a night out with family and friends. Service was a bit slow but we weren’t in a particular hurry. While it’s not cheap to eat here, the quality of meat is well worth it — a must for all carnivores out there. I would definitely come here again, and am looking forward to my next visit.

Halal Status: Verified by Halal Food Authority – certificated viewable on request.
Address: Unit 1026
Westfield London
Ariel Way

Cost: £££


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