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I don’t know about you but who else has Corona virus fatigue? I mean everybody’s life has been turned upside down and that certainly needs to be acknowledged but it’s something that doesn’t need to be talked about on every single outlet. Sometimes we need a breather, a bit of light reading perhaps?

That doesn’t mean I’m not going to talk about the pandemic situation we’re currently in but hopefully my posts won’t focus on them too much.

Despite having all three children at home I do have a bit more leisure time than usual so I’ve decided to take on a blog challenge by The Travel Hack. This involves using some suggested prompts for me to write blog posts about. A bit like old skool blogging. As all freelance writing and radio work is on hold, I need a creative outlet! But I won’t be doing the 31 blog post challenge because I’ve missed a week of April and because I’m realistic and know what I’m like! Instead I will *try* and do a 16 day blog challenge which will neatly take us up to Ramadan 2020 Insha Allah.

Here are some of the prompts I’ll be using for the blog challenge, they’re based on the The Travel Hack ones but I’ve adapted them for what I think you guys will be interested in..If you’re a blogger or an aspiring writer why not join me?

PS. These are subject to change!

  1. A review of the last book I read
  2. How to get closer to God during lockdown
  3. How I’m staying fit and healthy during lockdown
  4. My family’s favourite board games
  5. My top 3 bucket list destinations
  6. My family’s favourite things I cook
  7. How I’m keeping the kids entertained during self isolation\
  8. My favourite podcasts and Instagrammers
  9. How to create a show stopping dinner
  10. My happiest travel memories
  11. Surrey and the area I live in
  12. How to transform your prayer
  13. 5 books I recommend
  14. My self care routines and tips
  15. A visual tour of my house
  16. How to make my signature snack
  17. Coffee

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