A Taste Of Saint Lucia

The sound of chirping birds wake me up, any louder and I may not be able to get back to sleep. Later as I step outside my room, palm trees surround me. The smell of fresh tropical rain fills my nostrils. The leaves are glistening with raindrops, the ground wet and quickly I begin to feel warm.

I am in Saint Lucia in October where torrential rain makes an appearance a few times a day, and usually completely out of nowhere. Within minutes it stops and everyone carries on with their business. This kind of rain I don’t mind much. This is the kind of rain you want to get caught in. Refreshing and very welcome when the temperature soars to over 30 degrees celsius on a typical afternoon. Here in Saint Lucia within the grounds of the resort we are staying in crabs, hummingbirds, lizards and parrots can all be seen on the way to breakfast. We walk across the beach to get to breakfast. The sea is calm, clear and blue and the only noise is from my five year old daughter.

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