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Sharmeen is a mum, wrangling 3 children, a husband, a cat and a rabbit in the wilds of Surrey — writing about the British Muslim experience



What is Britpakgirl about?

I’m a journalist (you can see some of my work here) and Britpakgirl is my creative outlet to write about things that I’m passionate about including:

Activities & days out for Muslim families in the U.K. — Anything to keep the kids active and away from the screen!

Muslim-friendly restaurants  — I’m a huge foodie so when I dine out, I love to share where I’m eating like this post The Great Chase or Top 5 Family-friendly restaurants in Dubai.

Travel with children of different ages and how to keep them entertained but also the odd sneaky couple trips where we’ve left the kids behind. Ssshhhh.

Beauty for busy people in their late thirties who want results that show with my tried and tested recommendations.

MusimBiz — Muslim businesses you need to know about. This is a new feature on my blog that has started in December 2018.

I’m Mum to:

13-year-old son

11-year-old daughter

7-year-old daughter

15-year old cat

2-year-old rabbit

What’s unique about Britpakgirl?

As a Muslim, when I go out for the day, I want to know if there will be halal food to eat and if there will be somewhere for me to pray. Given all the apps we have at our disposal, it can still be really tricky to find a prayer space or mosque nearby.

If only there was that information at hand with every activity we book. That’s what I try to do — provide you with that information at the bottom of every post that’s relevant, so you don’t have to worry about it.

What does Britpakgirl mean?

Because I’m British by birth and Pakistani by ethnicity, I’ve culminated into this mishmash of a Britpak.

I’m very British in lots of ways, for example I love sandwiches, complaining about the weather and am a total sucker for rules.

But I also LOVE Pakistani food, fashion and Urdu banter is the best! But most of all I love being a Muslim and combining these three identities is what makes me, me.

When I was thinking of a name for my blog, somehow Britpakgirl came up and it stuck. Love it or hate it but the name is here to stay!

If you stalk my Instagram, you’ll often find me cooking my next meal or making coffee with my kids in the background making a lot of noise, whilst simultaneously planning our next big outing or holiday


I have worked with brands like Wowtrip, Kidtropolis, ClueQuest, Fairmont Hotels, Andalusian RoutesThe Muslim Lifestyle show and The Southbank Centre to name a few.

If you would like to work with me then let’s talk!

My readers, predominantly Muslim women living or visiting the UK, (aged 25-45) are looking for new and exciting things to do, eat and experience. Muslims have more disposable income than ever before, the Muslim pound is real and growing (see below).


Global Muslim travel is the fastest growing sector in the tourism industry. You can read my ‘Guide to Halal Tourism’ here.

I provide advice and consultancy to PRs, hotels, airlines, attractions and restaurants who are struggling to attract the Muslim pound.

Please contact me for further details.


If I work on a campaign with a brand, then I will state in the post that it is a collaborative post. My blog posts will always be my own, truthful opinions.

Some of my posts contain affiliate links which mean if you click on them and purchase then I will get a tiny commission.

That’s enough about me though, tell me about you?! Drop me a line on any of my socials below:

Instagram: @britpakgirl

Twitter: @sharm33n

Facebook: www.facebook.com/britpakgirl

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