On the Blog: Beauty Regrets of 2016

We all have a few regrets in life right? How about in 2016? This year I didn’t buy a lot of luxury products, just high street branded products that are for regular use. Below are some of the more regretful purchases that I made in 2016:

  1. Superdrug Colour Fix £4.99 — Spray it in your roots to cover grey. Ok so it may cover grey but it’s like applying shoe polish to your hair. Every time you touch your hair, your hand goes black — even the next day when it should be dry. Washing it out was even harder, the shower tray was black and I only sprayed a tiny bit. The stuff reminded me of tar. Worst thing is I’ve got two cans — there was a BOGOF offer in Superdrug. If anyone wants one, just holler!

    Colour Fix Superdrug
  2. Benefit Lemon Aid £16.50 — I’m quite rosy skinned but not in a good way; this was supposed to be a yellow tone concealer that covers redness. But it’s really drying and just looked flaky and cakey on my face.  A nonsense buy. My skin is just too complicated for products like this.
    Benefit Lemon Aid

    Benefit Lemon Aid
  3. OGX Kukui Oil Conditioner £6.00 — Did absolutely nothing for my hair despite the fancy looking bottle making claims of kukui oil (whatever the hell that is). It smells lovely though.

    Kukui Oil Conditioner
  4. Max Factor Colour X-pert Waterproof Eyeliner £6.99 — I bought this because it’s waterproof. Or so they say. So for Muslim women who pray and need to wash their faces in the day (ablution) the eyeliner struggle is a real one. However if you wash your face with this eyeliner or just wear it for more than 8 hours it starts flaking all over your face! I had little dots of fallen eyeliner. What is that all about? It’s better if normal eyeliner just washes off rather than this. Disappointing as it applies really well.

What did you buy in 2016 that you regret?


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