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Thank you Mr. Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi

I want to thank Mr Dhesi because he’s done something that not many MP’s have done. He’s done something that Muslim MP’s have not done, and that is to hold Boris Johnson accountable for his words. And whether you might think this wasn’t the time or the place, I think it was perfect because it’s sending a message to not only Boris but to the whole country. There is no room for racism or anti-muslim rhetoric in Britain in 2019 and it will not be tolerated. It won’t be tolerated by MPs and it wont be tolerated by minorities.

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When it comes to Brexit, democracy simply doesn’t work

If Brexit was a movie, you might describe it as Armageddon or Groundhog Day or Just Kill Me Now (ok that’s not an actual movie) but the Brexit rollercoaster ride that the British public has been on has really taken a turn for the worse this week.

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On the Blog: Beauty Regrets of 2016

We all have a few regrets in life right? How about in 2016? This year I didn’t buy a lot of luxury products, just high street branded products that are for regular use. Below are some of the more regretful purchases that I made in […]

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On the Blog – Pizza Express

Don’t worry I’m not reviewing Pizza Express! This is my first blog post within a blog! All my other posts are reviews so I decided to create a separate blog area so I can ramble on about whatever is on my mind which is really […]

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