British Airways – LHR to DBX

For many years I’ve avoided British Airways after having a really bad experience many years ago on a flight from London to Miami. However I’d been hearing pretty good things about BA over the recent years and thought let’s give them a go! And I’m glad I did.

Usually Emirates is the airline of choice for flying to Dubai but I was getting a good deal with BA so I booked it. Whenever I’ve flown from London to Dubai I’ve always found the outbound flight is a lot more comfortable than the return flight. I was flying with my husband and three children (aged 11, 9 & 5)

Below I’ve listed the highlights:

  • The flight was from Heathrow Terminal 5 which is dedicated mainly to BA flights. It’s smaller, cleaner and less chaotic than Terminal 3.
  • There is a WagamamaCarluccio’s , Giraffe and Pret; so enough options for children too.
  • Two prayer rooms, one on each end of the Duty Free Shops where the gates are situated.
  • All flights from Heathrow to the Middle East serve halal meat so you don’t need to book special meals. Although if you book children/Muslim/Vegetarian meals your food always comes 20 mins before everyone else!
  • The kids meals were great. We didn’t get any extra kids goodies like on Emirates but the entertainment system kept them busy.
  • Not as much variety as Emirates or Virgin which I think have the best inflight entertainment, but I still managed to watch 3 films on the way. BA didn’t have such new films but there’s enough to keep you occupied. There’s a good variety of games, being able to play chess and Battleships with other passengers (my son) is always fun.
  • The chicken curry was delicious. I’ve never enjoyed aeroplane food so much!
  • Super friendly, smiley staff throughout our journey.
  • Halfway through the flight, the cabin crew handed out Magnums to every passenger. This won me over. (I’m a simpleton I know)

Have you had a good experience with BA?

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