CanonCaan — #MuslimBiz for June 2019

June’s Muslim Biz is CanonCaan. The clue is in the name and the photo above, but if you don’t know, CanonCaan is a photography business run by the gorgeous Sabreen Hussain. For my MuslimBiz feature we decided on a branding shoot which means taking professional photos that represent you and your brand. I wanted to use these photos for Britpakgirl and for my journalism work.

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Sabreen, is based in South West London and has always been interested in photography. What started off as hobby then became her profession as she went pro about ten years ago. Realising there was a gap in the market for female photographers in London, Sabreen has a lot of experience in female-only events as well as mixed mainstream wedding style functions and parties. She does a variety of shoots such as:

  • Event photography for weddings & parties
  • Head shots for business and personal use e.g. matrimonial (yes that’s a thing!)
  • Family mini sessions — special offer of a 30 mins outdoor/at home shoot for £49 only
  • Business branding shots

The Shoot

Sabreen arrived promptly at my house for my branding shoot at the time we arranged, and we got cracking straight away. Over the phone we had discussed what sort of photos I wanted to take and what she thought would be useful for me to do in preparation for the day like thinking about setting the scene in the home, props etc. We both agreed on taking some photos in the park near my house which is somewhere where I go a lot, and is also really pretty. Luckily for us it was a sunny, dry day!

We got to the park, had a bit of a giggle whilst I posed for a few photos in between the dog walkers and their dogs sniffing around. We then returned to my home to take a few more photos in more comfy surroundings. I’m not the most natural person in front of the camera, but Sabreen directed me enough without being bossy, and took on board my thoughts too. It was a laid back session which I liked! Here are a few of the photos:



Overall the shoot took less than two hours. Normally it would take one hour but because we had multiple locations it took a bit longer and we sneaked in a coffee too. Sabreen is a great photographer who’s really down to earth and easy to work with. I love her sense of humour!

The Lowdown

Sabreen sent me 50 edited photos within a day. I don’t think she offers such a quick service usually but such wizardry was greatly appreciated. This post could have been out last week but the delay is down to me..(ooops).

You can see some of Sabreen’s document, fly on the wall style of photography on her website. You can also see her work on Facebook and Instagram. Sabreen’s rates are really reasonable, especially a family mini session which would work as a great gift idea is only £49 at the moment. Of course all my readers are entitled to an exclusive 10% discount on any other type of shoot by quoting ‘Britpakgirl’ when contacting Sabreen. The offer is valid on all bookings made before the end of summer. That’s 31st August 2019 so get your bookings in, even if you’re busy the whole of summer, the photoshoot can be done after summer!


Sabreen in action:

female photographer taking a photo
Sabreen is a female photographer from London

This is a collaborative post.

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