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Voted the top escape room in London on TripAvisor, clueQuest is a super smart escape room which will challenge even the smartest of brains. If you haven’t been to an escape room before you can read about my first escape room experience here.

My two friends and I arrived at 11am when our game  was about to start. There are three missions in total: PLAN52 and OperationBlackSheep which are the same difficulty and a harder one called Revenge of the Sheep. We were booked in for PLAN 52 which is the first of the three missions. There was a very noisy group of about 10-15 in the Reception area so when the lovely Riley came to explain everything to us, it was hard to hear him! Anyway after that we were led to the room and in we went. It took us a while to work out anything but once we got going the clues and locks unravelled themselves.

One lock wouldn’t budge only to find that it was broken so Riley came in with some huge pliers to break it open. After that I didn’t trust those locks!

Without giving anything away I was pleased there weren’t many red herrings like in the other escape room I went to. Everything was significant and led us somewhere.

During the game we were only given a couple of clues on the screen, but we had help via a walkie-talkie which I found slightly time-consuming to actually communicate through, but Riley was only buzzing us to make sure we weren’t wasting our time inputting the wrong code. The whole experience is so fun but a bit stressful if you want to escape in time!

We were given an extra seven minutes as we were pretty close to escaping, and finally escaped with twenty seconds to go. There are lots of aspects of this escape room that I loved which I can’t say as I’ll spoil it for everyone but the type of problems to solve were certainly innovative, especially the final puzzle. I also loved the fact there was a Da Vinci Code style vault where you have to spell something out and then pull it at both ends to open it. Super cool.

Riley was friendly and helpful throughout and it was nice to discuss with him afterwards how other teams solved certain puzzles and where we were really quick or a bit dumb! Afterwards he took a photo of us and gave us a copy each to keep and one to stick in the guest book.

We would have escaped earlier had we had a fourth person (you can have up to five) but I’m definitely getting better at escape rooms, so cannot wait to try another one. It was such a lot of fun and a really memorable day!

Escape rooms are hungry work so be prepared to eat afterwards (or before!). There are lots of halal Ethiopian restaurants on Caledonian Rd and Dishoom is just near King’s Cross Station. In the station there’s many cafes and restaurants to choose from too.

Essential Info: Recommended for ages 9 and above. Open from 11.00am to 9.20pm. There are 4 identical PLAN52 games so if you are a large/corporate group it’s ideal and even more fun to compete live against each other to see who gets out quickest.
Address: 169-171 Caledonian Road, London, N1 0SL Nearest Station: King’s Cross
Cost: £25 pp off-peak and £30 pp peak See website for booking.
Nearest Mosque: Al-Nehar Mosque, Caledonian Rd

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