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On Monday I went along to Fatburger’s prelaunch event organised by the good people behind the Facebook group The Best Halal Burger In The World . Fatburger is an American hamburger chain with branches across the world including Pakistan and the Middle East, and now their first one in the UK. Fatburger’s selling point is offerening the customer bespoke burgers, combined with the addtional chicken menu from their sister company Buffalo’s Express.

The new franchise of Fatburger is opening on Sunday 24th May so this was a preview of what to expect. This event offered all diners complimentary samples of their single burgers and chicken. It was a fun, well organised event and I also met a few other food bloggers!

Best Dish: Chicken Tenders. Piping hot good quality fried chicken in tasty breadcrumbs smothered in different sauces. There are many many sauces to choose from like coconut jerk, lemon pepper and the more standard ones like BBQ and cajun. The ones I tried were all yummy!

Recommended: Homemade Onion Rings. Now I’m not a huge fan and don’t usually order onion rings but these were crispy and flavoursome, and so much better than the oversized Stax Diner ones!

Disappointing: A frozen chip was found in our chips, and the burgers were warm. This is probably down to the fact that this was a one-off event with unusually more people and chaos. I was assured by the lovely JD that on a normal visit the burgers would be hot. Also the size of the chicken wings were smaller than usual.

Service: Can’t fault it. The staff were enthusiastic, welcoming and happy to help.

The staff at Fatburger were also happy to churn out different types of chicken and extra burgers. My friend wanted the skinny burger which they weren’t offering for the event (it’s on the menu) but they made it especially.  It consists of 2 burgers sandwiched together with salad in between. She enjoyed it!

And the burger? I liked the beef, it was meaty and of decent quality but the soggy bun and salad didn’t do much for me. I would go for a double next time with some of the funky extras like beef bacon or an egg.

What concerns me about Fatburger is the price. A single burger starts at £6 with extras like cheese (a burger must have cheese!) being an additional £1, and a single burger meal priced at £10. A kids meal is £7.95 which is really steep for a kids meal compared to fast food restaurants and other restaurants like Pizza Express. While this is fair for a gourmet burger place, it’s too expensive for a fast food restaurant. Fatburger are somewhere in between. This Fatburger is also located right next door to Byron Burgers which are an established brand, but not halal. For halal diners it’ll work but I wonder whether non-halal diners will go for it? I’m not sure where Fatburger position themselves; whether there’s space in the burger market for Fatburger, only time will tell. I wish the owners lots of luck though and hope it becomes a popular go to place for everyone’s burger cravings.

Halal status: All meat halal as verified by owners. Alcohol: No Pork: No
Address: 10 Jamestown Road, Camden Town, NW1 7B1
Parking: Free parking nearby after 6.30pm. 5 minute walk from Camden Town station.
Cost: £. Basic meal costs £10.

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