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I went to Barcelona with my husband at the end of August, you can read about what we got up to in my post Top 10 things to do in Barcelona for Muslim Couples. We stayed at the Casa Fuster Hotel which is THE most beautiful hotel in Barcelona and conveniently located in the shopping district.

With my husband’s aversion to fish (and allergy to shellfish) we were on the hunt for halal meat. The good news is that there are a few halal options in Barcelona. The bad news is that you may struggle to find anything other than Indian/Pakistani or Turkish/Middle Eastern food. There are lots of halal shawarma/donor kebab shops scattered around the city so if you want a quick eat you’re in luck.

Where to go

The majority of halal restaurants in Barcelona are at the end of the popular tourist area Les Ramblas, on Nou De la Rambla and Rambla del Raval which is 5 mins walk away from Les Rambles. Here you will find lots of little Pakistani places and yes shawarma too. I also spotted two grocery shops selling halal meat which is useful if you are there for a while and have facilities to cook.

On the main Les Ramblas, we had a very overpriced chicken couscous and chicken shawarma at Habibi restaurant. Although the couscous was good the chicken shwarama was dry and tasteless.

Chicken couscous at Habibi
Chicken couscous at Habibi

On our second night we had an average meal at La Turca on Nou De La Rambla. But the restaurant is nice and homely and makes you feel like you’re in Edgware Road, or should I say Beirut?! The hummus was delicious and creamy, the kofta dish I ordered wasn’t too bad either.

Houmous from Ala Turca
Lamb Kofta at Ala Turca
Ala Turca

The quality of Turkish food in London is so much better that I wouldn’t even bother visiting, however if you need a meat fix La Turca is not a bad choice. They also sell Paella, I wasn’t brave enough to try it as I thought if I want Paella I should have it at a local Spanish restaurant right?

Traditional Spanish Food

I eventually got to try Paella which is the traditional Spanish dish of choice and is usually made with rice and seafood, at La Tertulia. La Tertulia is an authentic Catalan restaurant. I found  the paella too salty as it was cooked in sea water! Oh well…my husband’s ravioli was a bit better though!

Ravioli at La Tertulia
Seafood Paella at La Turtulia

Halal Tapas

I only found one halal tapas place called Bar Potitas in the Barri Gotic area but didn’t get a chance to eat here unfortunately! Most tapas places have ‘patata bravas’ which is  Spanish spicy potatoes, they’re quite yummy but fried so eat with caution! All tapas places have a lot of meat and fish on the menu. We had some nice food at Txapela which is a chain across Barcelona.

Tapas at Txapela
Tapas at Txapela
Patatas Bravas

Other Cuisines

One restaurant that one of my readers recommended was Spice Bcn which serves halal Nandos style chicken. It’s located on Carrer d’Amigo just near Turo Parc. My advice would be to stick to the Spanish/Italian/European restaurants and order the fish/seafood dishes. Barcelona being a coastal city, has a plethora of seafood and fresh fish dishes straight out of the Mediterranean. A seafood paella may not suit everyone’s palate but other fish dishes are in abundance. Generally the vegetarian option is limited at most restaurants but there are a few vegetarian restaurants like Pita Inn, Catbar and Govinda the latter two being vegan.

A great place for vegetarians is the Fresco Restaurant which is a chain and runs a buffet for a very reasonable €9. Think Pizza Hut Buffet but the pizza not as good! It has a huge salad bar, with pasta, fideua (paella with noodles instead of rice) and pizza, hot and cold drinks and dessert. As with most buffets not the best quality but a good option if you’re stuck and want to eat well, but they serve meat too so beware of random meat pieces in certain things.

Buffet Lunch at Fresco

A nice cafe or foccaceria as it’s called with a good selection of vegetarian food is Buenas Migas which is a chain and has many branches around the city. Lovely wholesome food and cakes with fresh juice/coffee can be enjoyed here. Great option if your hotel doesn’t include breakfast.

Drinking is a huge part of Spanish culture so you will be see it everywhere in Barcelona, if you’re looking for a restaurant that doesn’t serve alcohol either you might be hard pressed. Even corner shops many which are run by Pakistani Muslims stock beers and spirits as well as ham and all the cold cuts of meat that the Spanish love, which you don’t generally find here in the UK.

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Pineapple and tomato salad
Tomato pasta

What I enjoyed most in Barcelona was the cafe culture, buy a good cup of coffee and drink outdoors and watch the world go by. Followed very closely by eating ice cream from the numerous gelaterias. Yum.

To conclude when in Barcelona forget the meat, become a pescatarian, eat ice cream and drink coffee!


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21 thoughts on “Halal Barcelona”

  • Just came across your site as I was recently traveling in Barcelona. I ate at a really good restaurant called Spice Bcn, its “south african food” (Nando’s style) and they offer halal products. Highly recommended!

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  • I visited Barcelona in 2017 and found it super hard food wise as in to get halal food. I went to the las Ramblas area were all the halal restaurants were. I dnt mean to be rude or negative guys but you have to be so careful in Barcelona in regards to halal food. I went to a Turkish place it said halal on the door ect even then I went inside and asked and they confirmed it was 100% hala ect. As we were just going in a local Muslim lady runs up to me and she said to me sister this place not halal they are liars half of the places here that says halal are not even 100% halal. I have been living here for many years best thing to do is buy your own meat and cook she then walked me to a side road in al ravel were she showed me the halal butchers and this small Moroccan restaurant and said this is the only place I trust. The Turkish place I was go No to to go to the guys face completely dropped wen the lady said his not been honest the restaurant owner just walked off in shame. Since that day Every hala restaurant I went pass we had to think twice. In my opinion just stik to vegiterian food. Wen me or my familly go to Barcelona we stay in a apartment so we can prepare our own meal. I live in Uk the flight it’s only 2hr so like a typical Asian we take our own food sausages, marinated chicken cooked Biryani then freez it ect. The only things we eat from there was pizzas. Also their markets have a lot of sea food and veg so if you stay in a Apartment it’s easy to prepare meal your self I know it’s abit of hassle. But it’s best to b safe then be sorry.

    • Thanks for your comment! I agree with you that in Barcelona it’s better to stick to seafood and vegetarian dishes.
      I’m not sure I’d like to cook when on holiday but happy to not eat meat for a few days!

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