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A few months ago I met the Halalnivore team at the London Halal Food Festival. The buzz around their stall and enthusiasm stood out from other businesses and as promised Halalnivore sent me a starter box for reviewing.



What is Halalnivore?

Halalnivore are a gourmet halal meat specialist who deliver their products straight to your door. They also supply their products to fine dining restaurants that offer halal meat on request. The meat is sourced from approved halal suppliers from different parts of the world — the clue is in the name of the product!

What kind of products do they have?

Rib eye steaks, rump steaks, burgers, chops and word on the street is, that Wagyu beef is coming to the menu very soon!

The starter box consists of:

5 x 6oz Angus Beef Burgers
5 x 5oz Lamb Kofte Burgers
2 x 8oz Irish Rump Steaks
2 x 8oz Brazilian Rib Eye steaks

A hefty lot that will keep you going for a while!


When my starter box arrived I was immediately impressed with the packaging, as the meat stayed fresh throughout the delivery process. Ice packs were in the box (which I’m blatantly re-using) to keep everything fresh.

Currently deliveries are on Thursday only, as long as you order before Tuesday 12pm the same week. More delivery slots will be coming soon so don’t fret.

Are they any good?

In short — yes! Longer answer is below:


When I opened the steaks, I could see the quality straight away which is not always found at your local halal butcher. Let the photos do the talking:



Starter Box
Meat Glorious Meat
Rib-eye Steak
Rump Steak
Rib Eye Marinated
Rib Eye Cooking


I’ve always had trouble cooking steak — often it’s too tough, too chewy, too raw! In fact I gave up cooking steak because of what a flop it  is. I was hoping this time it would be different.

I marinated my steaks in the meat rubs Halalnivore supplied. I loved the fact I didn’t have to add salt or any spices — the meat rubs are perfectly spiced so you only need to rub them on a few hours before cooking.

I then added a teeny bit of olive oil in my fry pan and fried the steaks for about 4 mins on each side as they are quite thick. Leaving to rest is essential. I like my steaks medium, however unintentionally I think I cooked them medium-rare and this is probably because they are so thick you have to cook them a bit longer.


Yeh Baby!
Rump on the Griddle Pan



As the steaks are 8oz  I opted to have it with a side of with broccoli and roasted veg to limit the carbs.

I shared my steaks with my kids who loved them as the steak wasn’t too chewy. Yes they’re little carnivores like their mum!

The meat rubs are also great for boneless chicken or chops and as they’re not too spicy — great for kids too.

If you find cooking steak a bit tricky like I do, you can also get some tips and techniques for the steak on the ‘The Butchers Block’.


Without a doubt these 6oz Angus beef burgers are the bomb. You really don’t need to go to a gourmet burger place as these bad boys do the job quite easily at a fraction of the cost — and you can customise as you wish as it’s your kitchen (#winning). Again I cooked them to medium in a standard fry pan with a drop of oil. I went for a simple cheese and BBQ sauce in a brioche bun as I wanted to taste the meat without the extras. Next time I will add the jalepenos and turkey bacon! For me this was the best item from the box — subtly seasoned, perfect in size and simply great tasting meat.

Almost Done
Mmmm Burger


I made the lamb kofta burgers very simply with mint yogurt and salad and thoroughly enjoyed it, like a kebab roll but in a burger. Hard to get your head round — but it works. My 10 year old son was not impressed and preferred the beef burgers.

Lamb Kofta Burger
Eaten Burger



The starter box featured here costs £39 but the good news is, all readers of my blog get 5% off by typing promo code ‘BRITPAKGIRL5’. And that’s 5% off everything, so if you don’t want the starter box you can build your own box. Deliveries over £80 are free otherwise there is P&P charge of £4.50.


Halalnivore have taken great initiative to take halal meat to the next level. In theory we should only eat meat of this quality but sadly it’s seldom available. If you are a foodie then you must try Halalnivore and once you do, let me know what you think of it in the comments section. And don’t forget the discount code of ‘BRITPAKGIRL5’. Happy cooking!




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