HaloodieFoodie’s Fire & Smoke Supper Club — Bake St. London

What is a supper club?

In January I attended my first ever supper club! Someone asked me the other day, “What is a supper club?” I replied, “It’s a dinner party where you don’t necessarily know the host or anybody there, serves really good exclusive food and you pay for the privilege.” It may not sound that exciting but if the chef is HaloodieFoodie then it is a unmissable event. Now HaloodieFoodie is always posting these amazing videos and photos on social media about his cooking skills, more specifically beef. Us poor folk just watch on a screen salivating, hoping that one day we may be lucky enough to get a taste.

HaloodieFoodie’s Supper Club Menu

At last the day came when HaloodieFoodie hosted his first supper club. This supper club was themed as a Texan BBQ which is pure American food, not Indian and not English. Where in England can one eat halal smoked brisket served with mac and cheese? Nowhere, is the answer, and this is what makes this supper club so special.


The evening kicked off  with a huge starter of scrumptious chicken wings and a gorgeous parmesan topped green salad. The balance of meat and salad was fantastic and I polished them off pretty quickly!


Prepared by HaloodieFoodie who in foodie circles is THE king of BBQ and smoking meat , the brisket was smoked for 18 hours.

Brisket 2

When the mains came I felt that there was TOO MUCH food — there I said it. The brisket (supplied by Hillfarm Finest) is quite heavy in itself as the portion size was generous but some of the side dishes I hardly touched. But it was melt in your mouth meat with crispy fat on the edges. YUM. The smoked lamb neck beans were delicious in their own right but just too meaty when combined with the brisket. I didn’t touch the sourdough bread as I knew it would make me too full! The beef butter was a nice touch and the coleslaw went down well but I only had a small spoonful. Despite looking forward to the mac & cheese, I only had one bite!

Mac & Cheese
Homemade Coleslaw

The desserts were made by Bake St, and although I was super stuffed by this point I tried a bit of the red velvet cake and the pecan pie. The red velvet was by far the winner – soft and moist just how it should be!



In terms of location, Bake St is a humble cafe so don’t expect a fine dining kinda place. It was a lively evening where name places had been prepared which was nice and I got to meet some other food bloggers. I also liked the fact that the starters and sides were to share between two or four (if you’re a group of four) but the mains and desserts were for one. The waitresses were really friendly too.

The event was organised well, receiving a handful of emails from the organiser before the event with my invoice, ticket and directions. How thoughtful!

If you don’t mind the location (Clapton which is pretty far from me) then definitely book yourself a place at his next supper club. You will be able to find out more if you follow HaloodieFoodie on Instagram.

Have you been to a supper club before? What did you think?

Halal status: All meat halal. Alcohol: N, Pork N.
Address: 58 Evering Rd, London N16 7SR.
Cost: £35 per person including two drinks.

For more info email fire.smoke@outlook.com

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  • Great review of the supper club! HaloodieFoodie did mention about the club but I couldn’t attend because of the distance from my place. Although I do travel long distances on weekends, I am always with family, so we generally have our own plans. However, I do hope to attend this event some time in future!

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