Hidden Pearls — #MuslimBiz February 2019

For February’s Muslim Biz I want to tell you about a business run by Rashdah Hameed called Hidden Pearls. She is a Muslim entrepreneur who started Hidden Pearls over three years ago back in 2015. The website sells a wide range of products for Muslim women and children. There are abayas, hijabs, sweets, books and gifts. The choice is vast and website easy to use — shipping is only £1.99!

Rashdah’s business was born from the need to have good-quality affordable scarves for Muslim women. She found scarves were overpriced for the quality being sold. Hidden Pearls has excellent reviews and feedback from their customers and that’s what continues to make it such a successful business.

Rashdah kindly sent me a few products for my girls (10 & 6) as I struggle to find them hijabs for when they pray. As you may have noticed I don’t wear hijab but I need to cover my head to pray so of course I always need scarves too.

Girl’s Hijabs

Girls hijab Al-Amira Glitter Hijab

This Al- Amira Glitter hijab fits my little one perfectly and there’s no faff as it’s made to just be popped on her head. And it’s sparkly so obviously she loves it too! Trying to tie a normal scarf on a young girl and getting it stay on is pretty much impossible for me! I got a plain red one (see below) for my older daughter too.

Three scarves Three Hidden Pearls Scarves


I’d heard a lot of praise for this book ‘A Muslim Girl’s Guide to Life’s Big Changes‘. It’s a great little book aimed at 9-14 year old girls. Covers things like taking care of your body, behaviour, dress sense and explaining basic Islamic concepts. There is a boy’s version too which my son refuses to read as he has an aversion to books right now, but girls on the other hand are different thankfully!

A bookf for Muslim Girls A book for Muslim Girls

‘The Greatest Stories from the Quran’ is a lovely illustrated book which I’d recommend for children aged 6-12. My older two are not so interested but 6 year-old loves it. It’s quite wordy but the amazing pictures make up for it. Definitely one to read to them rather than they read to you!

The Greatest Stories from the Quran The Greatest Stories from the Quran

Kids quran book


Don’t you feel like the worst parent ever for taking away those pesky Haribos that are given out on nearly everyone’s birthday at school? I do! It’s not hard to make up for it by treating them to some halal goodies. The sweets I got from Hidden Pearls are so good…these fried eggs are my personal favourite. I’m a huge fan now which is odd because I generally hate sweeties! I actually hid one pack from my girls who are sweet fiends. Hidden Pearls also does a Kids Fun Pack which has a few books, stickers & sweets— would make great Eid presents. (Side note: Did you know Ramadan is just two months away?!)

Halal Sweets
Halal Sweets

If you’re looking for affordable hijabs, accessories or some really cute gifts then definitely take a look at Hidden Pearls.

The great news is that you special folk will get 15% off all hijabs & scarves if you quote ‘BritPak15’ . This code is only available until 5th May 2019 so go spread the word!

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