How I stay fit and healthy during lockdown

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Today it’s all about how I *try* and stay fit and healthy during lockdown. Staying inactive is really attractive right now, especially when we’re not allowed to leave the house. But thank goodness for the internet! There is no excuse to be a couch potato every day. So here’s the point — there are days where we wake up full of beans and there are days where we do not want to or just cannot bring ourselves to move. And that’s ok but what is important, is to be productive on the days where we do have the motivation and of course the time. The days we feel energetic are the days to capitalize on.

When it comes to this lockdown, it can be harder to motivate yourself. Even with the government’s guidelines of going out to do up to an hour’s exercise every day, it’s not realistic to do this every day. Not when you have three kids who are on different schedules and moan a lot.

The online options are endless and we all know about PE with Joe Wicks; my kids gave up after one week and personally I don’t enjoy it very much now either. They really have to be coerced into it watching Joe. Yes they’re lazy.

But this is about you not the kids, although of course they can join you in every single one of these activities that I’m about to list.

DW Fitness workouts

These started when the gyms were forced to close, and are free and live on Instagram and Facebook every day. You can watch them later on their website if the time doesn’t suit you. The workouts are similar to Joe Wicks but longer and less rest in between — they’re aimed at their members which are adults but they’re available for everyone. The workouts are usually a combination of HIIT, body combat, and core. Fridays is reserved for yoga/pilates.

Garden Games

Obviously this is for those with a garden! We are blessed in that we have a decent size garden where the best thing I’ve ever bought is this badminton net that doubles up as a tennis net too. If your kids are a bit older, then they can join in. Badminton and tennis in the garden with your partner/sister/brother is actually really fun and if they’re good then you’re bound to get your heart rate up and a little bit sweaty.

The other great thing is a trampoline, which by the way is not just for kids. Two minutes on the trampoline and I was out of breath. If I go on for a few minutes every day then that’s better than nothing and it’s fun!

Our makeshift tennis court


Seems obvious but keep hydrated. As we’re at home all the time I forget to drink enough. Easy way to remember to drink your 8 glasses is to drink one in the morning. One before and after each meal, so that should bring you up to seven. And finally one before bed.

Just Dance

You could simply just dance in your living room or you could play the game Just Dance on your games console. We use the Nintendo Switch and it’s a great way to work up a sweat without my daughters even realising they’re exercising! One of the songs is Mundain To Bach Ke ….imagine the fun I had…

Dr Rangan Chatterjee 5 minute kitchen workout

I love these strength exercises as they’re really easy and you can build them up. Again kids can get involved too, no reason why they can’t. The great thing about these is that you need no equipment except tins which act as light weights.

Intermittent Fasting

There is evidence to show IF really works but only do this if you’re generally healthy. It works by only eating in an eight hour window so for example from 12-8pm. Only fluids are allowed the rest of the 16 hours. It’s not that hard but it’s a good way of not snacking before bedtime if you know you’re fasting. Mind over matter.

Go for a run

Running sounds really hard but it’s not if you just start for 15 minutes and build yourself up. When I say run I don’t mean run, I mean jog for two minutes then walk for one and so on. I set my self targets whilst on the move, so just run up to the bench then slow down or keep running until the song on your headphones finishes. Small goals work for me! I’ve also heard the Couch to 5K is also a really good app to get you going.

The streets are quieter so there is less chance of running into anyone you know. Of course keep a good distance when passing other people, best to cross over to the other side when you see other pedastrians.

Don’t buy junk food

Now that shopping is limited, it’s really in our hands how much bad food we consume. There’s no reason to buy those cakes, biscuits and samosas for ‘unexpected guests’ which as an Asian family we have quite a lot of. Obviously we all need our sweet treats from time to time but just don’t be excessive about it! Instead do your own baking which won’t have all the nasties in it and will probably taste a lot better than shop bought anyway. That’s if you can get hold of flour and eggs!

Homemade blueberry muffins
Homemade blueberry muffins



Vitamins and minerals won’t stop me getting the corona virus but I can make sure I’m not deficient in anything to begin with. I take Skin Hair Nails (not daily as I forget) which a nutritionist recommended to me for hair loss. I also take turmeric capsules which are great for joints or any internal injuries, and also act as an anti-inflammatory. Turmeric really helped me heal a recent coccyx injury. Also I take Vitamin C effervescent tablets as they are a healthy substitute for fizzy drinks, but if you OD on Vitamin C you will just pee it out. Vitamin D is something most of us are short of and with the current restrictions it’s hard for most of us to spend time in the sun. But you can up your intake of Vitamin D rich foods instead like egg yolks, oily fish and red meat as well as fortified foods like cereal etc.

Instagram Gurus

There are lots of personal trainers on Instagram giving away free advice and workouts as well as DW fitness who I mentioned before. Here are just a few to check out:

Dr Sara Otung

This doctor knows her stuff when it comes to working out. She has her own YouTube channel and is giving away lots of free workouts which you can tailor to your own needs.

Fifty Shades Of Workout:

A great guy who will give you free training advice and lots of moral support. He puts up a different set of exercises monthly and you can build it up according to your needs.

ZA Training: A PT who focuses on Asians. A free podcast is available with training tips otherwise it’s £10 a month for bespoke online training which is pretty cheap!


These are just some ideas, if I can do at least one of these daily then I’m happy! And if I don’t, it’s not the end of the world! How are you keeping active during lockdown?

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