How I’m keeping the kids entertained during lockdown

How am I  keeping the kids entertained during lockdown? Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime, Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4.

Do I really need to write anything else for this post? No come on I’m not that much of a bad parent *ahem*. Of course these things make up a large chunk of their day but theres a few other things I’m *trying* to get my 13, 11 and 7-year-old busy with.


I’ve signed up for a Skillshare subscription as they’re offering two months FREE. Skillshare is a website that has THOUSANDS of courses for adults and young adults, all free once you’ve signed up. My daughter has done a calligraphy course and there’s lots more she’s got her eye on. It’s not just for creatives, you’ll find everything from photography to creative writing to building a website to marketing and even cooking! There’s even a course on how to make nutella parathey! I can’t wait to do some of the courses on offer once a get a break from homeschooling! After two months you have to pay the subscription ($8.99 per month) or you can cancel membership if you don’t like it. You can also get 30% off membership here.

1000 piece jigsaw puzzles

This one needs a lot of perseverance so it’s worth getting one that stimulates their interest, like Disney or Star Wars or cats if they’re into cats! It’s a great family thing to do together but takes over the dining table for days on end. I’ve been looking for an Avengers one but they’re hard to come by!

Noor Kids

Admittedly we’ve only watched a few of these Islamic concept videos but my 7-year-old really enjoys them. The presenter is fun and animated and does well to keep kids engaged. The videos are usually for a fee but are free at the moment. I’ve also enrolled in the Digital Ramadan Camp which there will be daily videos for.

Spa Day

I’ve only done this once and it was so much fun. We got a large tub of hot water and soap, soaked our hands in for 10 mins (one at a time, changing the water obviously) and then gave each other a manicure followed by a pedicure. I have a manicure set which finally came in use! Then I painted my daughter’s nails. We never do girly stuff like this but it’s important to take care of yourself and know how to do it rather than pay for these services every time. Suffice to say my  son did not join in with this one.


Not exactly entertainment for them but domestic skills, I believe, are as important as maths and English. My worst nightmare is bringing up a child who does not have the skills to be self sufficient or just plain lazy. These are some of the chores they’ve been mastering since lockdown.

Washing the dishes — I have a rota for every evening now. And it’s working out well so far. I still wash all the pots and pans but the dinner plates and glasses they can easily wash up. Yes there’ll be a water everywhere on the first few attempts but practice makes perfect.

Washing the cars — I will admit I haven’t washed a car in about 10 years but it’s something we are now having to do since the guys at the supermarkets car parks aren’t available right now. I remember doing this as a child and hating it. However the girls actually enjoyed washing the cars (it’s a novelty and they can spray each other )so we’ll try and keep it up over the next few months if we can be bothered!

Gardening — Self explanatory really. Weeding, mowing the lawn, sweeping leaves are all things that they should know how to do now! It’s a great family activity and a form of exercise.

Cooking — Nothing extravagant but at least knowing how to make omelettes/scrambled eggs is a basic skill that kids above the age of 9 should know.

Baking — I love baking and my girls are quite fond of it if they’re in the mood. We’ve been baking every week because I’ve refused to buy cakes.

Cleaning the bathroom — No explanation needed. From age 11 every child should be able to clean up after themselves and also clean the rest of the bathroom when asked, especially if they’re the only ones who use it!

Making scrunchies — I did this with my mum and sister when I was young and I remember it vividly. We’re always losing hair bands so this is a good activity where their grandmother helped too. All  you need is scrap fabric and elastic, and a sewing machine!

Vacuum cleaning — Every kid above the age of 12 should know how to vacuum! Enough said really and I need all the help I can get!

Now that school holidays are over they will have less time, but still more than usual. It’s really hard to make kids do something constructive 24/7, they also need to wind down like adults do so I don’t obsess too much about screen time as long as all their other stuff has been done.

How are you keeping yourself and kids busy (and sane) during lockdown?





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