How to get closer to Allah during lockdown

I’m writing this first and foremost for myself.

The Quran and prayer beads

We are living in unprecedented times. Such a time that we will probably never experience again in our lifetimes. With destruction and dismay, there is often opportunity. As a Muslim, Allah has presented us with an opportunity. An opportunity to turn to Him. All those ‘I don’t have time to pray/read Quran/learn about Islam’ excuses don’t really cut it anymore. Clearly this is our time and whilst the pandemic is like a curse, it is also a gift in some ways. I accept of course that some people are busier now because of the nature of their work, but majority of people have more free time than usual. So if you weren’t waking up for Fajr because it was too hard to get up for work or the school run, then this is that time to create that habit. If you didn’t have time for Quran, then this is that time.

If you have children, whatever age they are then this is a time when you can all pray together. It doesn’t have to be every prayer time but just start off with one prayer that you all do together. Let the children see the beauty of Islam.

Memorising the Quran

A great time to learn surahs from the Quran and of course with your children too. I recommend the ‘Learn Quran’ app which is made especially for memorisation. The recitation is also beautiful so you end up learning like the reciter! Just aim for one line a day, that’s more than I can manage. *memory like a goldfish*.

Personally I’m trying to memorize a few supplications right now, which I’m struggling with! Any memorization tips then please let me know in the comments below?

Helping Out

As the Queen said the other day ‘I hope in the years to come everyone will be able to take pride in how they responded to this challenge.‘ I know it’s funny quoting  Queen Elizabeth II in a spiritual post but as a Muslim we know that on the Day of Judgement, it is our good deeds that will admit us into paradise.

The opportunity for good deeds right now is really high – cook for your neighbours, buy their shopping when buying yours, donate to lots of corona related causes if you can — poverty stricken families in the UK or abroad who are more destitute now because of the lack of work. National Zakat Foundation are a great charity to donate to in the UK as they are helping many people who have turned to them for help in this crisis.

Most neighbourhoods have a covid-19 support group on Facebook. You can find yours on . Here people post requests for help so if you aren’t vulnerable yourself or don’t live with vulnerable people then this is a great way to help out.


We are blessed in so many ways and even though many of us realise this, until we say it out loud it doesn’t always sink in. Speaking about all the things to be thankful for will really make you love and appreciate the Almighty more today than ever before. I know many people are going through dire times because of financial insecurity but for those who have a stable home, income, food and 24/7 wifi, that’s a HUGE blessing, and of course our health. For those who haven’t been touched by this plague, we are truly blessed.

Another blessing for parents really is their children. We complain about but in reality, life right now would be so boring without them. I’d basically be watching TV all day! Every time you take care of them, as a mother you will get the reward for it Insha Allah, especially if your intention is to please Allah. Fulfilling our basic obligations depending on our roles in life is all reward worthy, and another gift from Allah.

Online Lectures/Podcasts

We all need reminders and we especially need guidance on how to navigate our way through this crisis. There is lots of content online and some especially for the lockdown. Here are some of my favourites:

Morden Mosque Daily Dars

Sheikh Bilal Patel who is the imam from Morden mosque is doing a series of daily (25 mins) talks online at 9pm. The imam has an amazing gift mashallah of delivering content that really make you understand the severity and reality of the situation we’re in. But it’s not all doom and gloom, these talks are really for those who like to think and question, and of course want to gain knowledge and please Allah. You can catch all of them including the Jummah talks here.

Yasir Qadhi podcast

Yasir Qadhi needs no introduction, his podcast is still going and obviously talking about the issue of the day. I tend to listen to these kind of podcasts whilst doing housework..which there is quite a lot of these days!

Nouman Ali Khan podcasts

Don’t get cross for recommending NAK’s podcast but he really does talk a lot of sense and in a very palatable, easy to digest way! There is a plethora of content on Muslim Central, not to do with the pandemic but just general Islamic topics.

Ramadan With My Family

How could I not mention Ramadan? Only two weeks away now, Taimayyah Zubair is doing a special one hour talk Friday 17th April 5.30-6.30pm (BST). You can register here. As well as this the app Quran For All has a lot of content and the whole tafseer of the Quran by Taimayyah Zubair in English. If you haven’t heard her then I 100% recommend listening to her, she is amazing!

These are just a handful of things that will hopefully help our spiritual journey. Of course there are lots more things and maybe I’ll cover this in another post. Also I’m not a learned person so this is personal and what works for me. As Ramadan is two weeks away, this is an ideal time to work on ourselves. I hope you’re all feeling positive about Ramadan? Let me know your thoughts below!

How to get closer to Allah during Lockdown

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