Jungly Jadoogar 2

The Wagging Tongues production team were back at the Muslim Lifestyle Show 2017 with the second part to Jungly Jadoogar. Read all about Part 1 here.

The play is about an eccentric villain – the Jungly Jaadogar (meaning crazed/wild magician) trying to cause destruction to a royal family. Being in English but with colourful Pakistani costumes and names, Jungly Jadoogar is a unique production showcasing British and Asian culture.



My girls who are aged eight and four really enjoyed the play as it was very much like a pantomime. The jokes were silly and there was plenty of slapstick comedy which children love. I think last years show was entertaining for children and adults, this years was seemed to be targeted at a younger audience despite a few cheeky euphemisms.



The robotic dancers and the unexpected explosions really enhanced the play visually in comparison to last year. The acting was great with Dadi 007 really standing out with her look and delivery of lines. I wish Baboo (the rubbish collector) had more lines as his cockney accent and facial expressions were very amusing.



You can see them on stage again on May 20th as part of the Karachi Literary festival at the Southbank performing ‘Jungly Jadoogar 3’.

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  • Seems like a great initiative from a Brit-Asian production team. Missed this but would be interested in any future productions.

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