Legoland, Windsor

If you want to do a selfless good deed for your rugrats, then this is the place to take them. Legoland truly is the British equivalent to Disneyland, except that Lego is Danish but you know what I mean!
The theme park is HUGE and it’s not possible to cover the whole park in one day. There are about 53 attractions, which includes rides, shows, 4d cinema, train rides etc etc. Legoland is great because it caters for families with children of all ages. There are a few scary rides for the thrill seekers but nothing to shout home about. It’s not only for families though, we saw lots of couples and my mother in law had a fabulous time. She loved ‘Miniland’ which has all the world’s major sites, in miniature size and of course made of Lego. The random Lego structures all around the park are really cute, and gets the kids really excited. The highlights of the day were the new ‘Atlantis Voyager’, which involves being submerged into a manmade sea, which has real sharks and marine life, in a dummy submarine. It’s all very flash and exciting.

The other thing that stood out is the ‘Driving School’, where kids get to drive little cars around a track and at the end, get a driving licence. You have to pay £7 to get a laminated one with your photo on it, but it’s worth it to see the smiles on the their little faces. The downside about Legoland are the queues- a Saturday in May is not too bad, but I wouldn’t advise going in the summer holidays. It is a complete nightmare.
All in all, not a frugal day out but may be better value for money if you stay the night nearby and go two days-if you can be bothered. They are building a Legoland Hotel on site which should attract a lot more people, not that they need it, the place is already packed. But yes, Legoland eventhough it is for kids, I admit I had fun too!

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