My family’s favourite board games

Today is day four of the blog challenge!

As we are on lockdown (global pandemic incase you’re reading this in 2025) board games are now coming out of the cupboard at a higher frequency. It’s difficult to find board games that are more fun for children than the iPad/PS4/Nintendo Switch/their phone/computer but it can be done. Sometimes I have to coerce my family into playing board games because I love games and organised fun. Yes I’m that person!

Apart from that I think board games teach kids (and adults) patience and learning how to deal with failure and just pure bad luck.

So what are our favourite board games? Well I asked everyone what their favourites were just for this post. I’m going to start with my 13-year-old son’s:

Monopoly Mega

It’s Monopoly but doesn’t take one day and one night to finish. It’s like Monopoly on speed and it’s a lot of fun. Every set has an extra property and you don’t need to have the whole set to build hotels. But you need to have the whole set to build skyscrapers..say what? It’s a good laugh, and there’s only one rule in our house – winner tidies up! Which 90% of the time is my son!

Logo Billionaire

As my older two say, this is a trash game. But my youngest (aged 7) loves it and we all have to play it because of her. There’s more luck involved than strategy but it’s actually quite fun when you work out the rules. FYI it’s got nothing to do with knowing the logos of any brand! The best thing is you can play it and finish within an hour!


The classic word game we all love and have totally killed on our phone..who still plays Words with Friends? Anyway my husband is the reigning champion, so he always agrees to play — he doesn’t love board games; except this one…There’s also a more fun version which is Scrabble Trickster but we seldom play that, always go for the original board as it’s based on pure skill apparently…

Card Games

A pack of cards is always a safe bet and we always take a pack when on holiday. Favourites amongst my daughter (aged 11) includes Black Jack, Cheat and Kishmo (if you know, you know). The good thing about card games is that there are lots of games that all five of us can play, otherwise most games have a limit of four. My next task is to teach my kids the classic (Pakistani) game of Courtpiece. The best card game ever!




This game has only been in my life for a year but already I have some hilarious memories of playing it. Last summer when my niece and nephews came to stay we played and I hadn’t laughed so much in ages! I’m not going to bother explaining it but it is a game of wit, vocabulary and patience. And arguments. Which is why no one wants to play it with me anymore, as things can get heated. There are lots of versions, we have the pictures version and the words one. I prefer the words one, but both are equally as good. There’s also a Disney one! You need at least four people to play Codenames.

Exploding Kittens

This is a silly card game, involving cats and explosions. You can finish a game in about twenty minutes, and it’s really fun planting the exploding kitten in the pack for your fellow players. Laughs guaranteed 100% of the time, as well as false accusations of framing. We all love this game so I had to include it in our list. Game play is for 2-5 players.

Those are our favourite games and now we are on lockdown it’s an ideal time to wipe the dust off some of these and play. What is your favourite board game?

4 thoughts on “My family’s favourite board games”

  • I’m so bored I bought a games compendium with chess, scrabble etc as we only have Scrabble and Monopoly and my husband ALWAYS wins at both so to keep us entertained I thought I would go down memory lane as my siblings and I used to play Checkers, Snakes and Ladders, Chess, Ludo for hours!
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  • Omg Courtpiece!!!! That brings back wonderful memories of playing with my grandmother – Allah bless her. We’ve not tried Logo Billionaire but if it’s a firm fave in your house will give it a go. My kids have been playing the Harry Potter Version of Trivial Pursuit (don’t ask) and strangely Connect 4, which I thought they had outgrown. I guess classics really are the best

    • Aww courtpiece is such a nostalgic game!
      Logo billionaire is disliked by the older two but little one adores it. It’s not the best game in the world but hey ho!
      I think I’m going to get the Connect 4 out too, thanks for the suggestion!

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