My favourite podcasts and Instagrammers

I’m continuing with the blog challenge today with something slightly different by listing my favourite podcasts and instagrammers.

I have many interests in life so this list of my favourite podcasts and instagrammers will be a little eclectic. Most podcasts I listen to are for educational purposes but sometimes you just need a bit of entertainment too. I generally listen to podcasts when I’m cleaning or doing other mundane housework, and I always take my headphones when I go to the supermarket to make the food shopping that much more interesting!

I don’t follow that many huge influencers on Instagram except for foodie ones! But in terms of fashion, makeup etc. nope I don’t recall many that I can say I absolutely love except the ones that I know personally! So here are a few Instagrammers that I respect, admire and enjoy watching:

Dr Sam Bunting

A dermatologist who knows her stuff! Dr Sam Bunting also has a skincare range which she doesn’t even promote much but her live instagrams with another dermatologist Dr Emma Wedgeworth are invaluable. If you have complicated skin like me you will love her!

Food Addict 1

Just a normal woman going about her daily business, but she’s so sweet and lovely that I just like watching her stories. Nothing too exciting except cooking, food products and looking after her toddler. Follow if you want to watch someone normal with a genuine heart!

Shelina Cooks

Masterchef winner from yonks ago, Shelina Permalloo is such a sweet woman and her short videos on IGTV during lockdown are always easy to understand. Mainly Shelina cooks Mauritian inspired food which is similar to Indian and Pakistani so I always find her dishes really appealing!



Doctors Kitchen

Everyone knows Dr Rupi right? He’s a doctor with a passion for nutrition and lifestyle medicine. His podcast has different doctors and other healthcare specialists in every episode discussing one aspect of lifestyle medicine. Some of the episodes are an eye opener as well as super educational. Because everybody is a professional you know the advice is evidence based.

Hip Hop changed my life

If you like Romesh Ranganathan you’ll love his podcast on hip hop. You don’t need to love hiphop to listen but every episode he interviews a new guest (not always a musician) with his sidekick Rumaj and they talk about lots of stuff including how they got into hip hop. It’s just a lot of banter and Romesh being Romesh, there is a lot of rude works but he makes me laugh a lot!

Amalia Lights On Series

On to something more serious! Amalia has done a few podcast episodes with Angelica Lindsey-Ali who is a Muslim African-American sex therapist. The podcast deals with every aspect you can think of in a candid manner within a religious framework.  However her intention is to educate Muslim women (and men) about sex. She’s the @villageauntie on Instagram and her posts can be informative and entertaining in equal measure.

Full Disclosure

If you’re a James O’ Brien fan like myself you will enjoy this podcast where he interviews important and interesting people. Even if you’re not a fan, the podcast isn’t about him anyway! A whole list of diverse personalities like Sanjeev Bhaskar, Nazir Afzal, Lenny Henry feature and also not so well known individuals like Gulwali Passarlay – an Afghan refugee. Fascinating interviews that give such an insight into these people’s lives and how they got where they are. Totally recommend it.

Muslim Central

Muslim Central has a wealth of podcasts by all the well known names in the Islamic world like Yasmin Mogahed, Omar Suleiman, Mufti Menk and Yasir Qadhi to name a few. They all have their separate podcasts you can subscribe to – just search ‘Muslim Central’.


Who are your favourite instagrammers? Which podcasts would you recommend? Leave a comment below as I’d love to hear from you!

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