My top 3 bucket list destinations

Travelling may be off limits but dreaming about travelling is not. We can dream, we can create itineraries and what Covid-19 has done, is made us appreciate our past travels and holidays even more. All those countries I’ve visited in the past, I’m grateful for the memories. But of course like every keen traveller the list of desirable destinations to go to, never ends.

I’m talking about bucket list destinations today as this is part of the 16 day blog challenge.

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So where do I want to go after this pandemic is over? Well I’ve got a backlog of trips now that were planned for 2020 which have now been either cancelled or postponed but after those, here are my dream bucket list destinations:

New Zealand

Tree in the ocean Photo credit: PxHere

The amazing prime minister of New Zealand Jacinda Arden, has sold this country to me. Her response to the terrorist attack last year as well as her successful fight against corona virus has shown not only is she smart but compassionate too. She has delivered hope and inspiration in a world full of corrupt, egotistical and power hungry leaders.

I’ve always been intrigued by the beauty of New Zealand but never given it any serious thought, simply because of the 24 hours plus flight. But we’re all allowed to dream and I would love to explore the breathtaking scenery as well as meet some proper Kiwis.  I would also like to stop over in Bora Bora, French Polynesia on the way there! I mean why not?


Ok I’m not being that biased, honestly, Pakistan was Condé Nast Traveller’s top destination for 2020 so who am I to argue? So 2020 is a write off but the other tragedy is that I’ve not seen the northern parts of Pakistan which are said to have some of the most beautiful sites in the world. Also none of my children have visited Pakistan so I’m quite keen for them to visit the land which their grandparents used to call home. As well as Gilgit (pictured below) I would go to Lahore as I’ve never been! It’s a happening city with the best food, fashion and architecture. And that’s the beauty of Pakistan, it’s got everything — beautiful scenery, culture, amazing food, stunning mosques and warm hospitality. Book me a ticket now please!

South African Safari

I’m not geographically sure about this one, but somewhere in Southern Africa you can find some of the best land safaris in the world. Zambia, Botswana, Kenya and of course South Africa are all popular safari destinations. At this moment I’m not sure which park to go to but I know that I would love to get up close and personal to all the wild animals. The kids would love it to!

Two elephants Photo credit: PxHere

What are your bucket list destinations? Where would you go after the pandemic is over?


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