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Don’t worry I’m not reviewing Pizza Express! This is my first blog post within a blog! All my other posts are reviews so I decided to create a separate blog area so I can ramble on about whatever is on my mind which is really what blogging is about. So back to pizza.

I was never a big fan of Pizza Express — the pizzas were generally bland and lacking any oomph but it was a convenient place to go to when you couldn’t find anywhere else for lunch. It’s been about a year since I found out that the chicken used in Pizza Express in the UK is actually halal. Since then I have visited at least 5 times because damn their Pollo Pesto pasta is SO good. I’ve tried other chickeny things at Pizza Express like the Pollo Ad Astra Pizza, not so fantastic and the Pollo Forza which is probably the best pizza on the menu. The pasta wins hands down. Pesto, red onions, chicken, in a four- cheese sauce plus smothered with more cheese on top – what is there not to like? A cheese lovers delight for sure. However it’s not all good news, I’ve found the Pollo Pesto varies depending on which branch you eat at. Out of the three branches I’ve tried it at (Pinner, Worcester Park and Hatch End) Hatch End does the best version. I think I’ve probably gone on a bit too much about pasta so I’ll stop.

Another reason I like Pizza Express more now is because my elder two children who are 8 and 6 appreciate food a bit more and absolutely love the Piccolo meals here and when the kids are happy, it means I can tuck into my pasta in peace!

On another note I do applause Pizza Express’ decision to offer halal chicken as its definitely made me go more which is a strange thing because when it comes to pizza I didn’t think meat is that important. But turns out for Pizza Express this rings true as the vegetarian options are pretty unexciting especially since they got rid of the cannelloni which used to be delicious. So well done Pizza Express — just don’t do get rid of my favourite pasta.

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