Painshill Park — Surrey

Painshill Park, located just off the M25 J10, is a beautiful well-maintained stretch of greenland consisting of a lake, bridges and of course a few hills. It also has many buildings created to make the park more attractive and interesting for visitors, such as the Gothic Tower, Gothic Temple and Crystal Grotto (only opens 1-3pm on weekends and therefore we always find it closed!). When we visited in May, there was a Napolean re-enactment group camping there for the weekend. This was a real site to see and extremely exciting as there were over 100 battalion with horses acting out a battle with real rifles and armour. It was super loud and a great history lesson for children. We were able to walk around their campsite where one man showed us how to use a rifle filled with gunpowder. Very exciting for my son. Other than this annual event, there are many things to see in Painshill.

10 Things About Painshill

  1. The walk up to the Gothic Tower and back is about 2.5 miles and we’ve done this with my children without any moaning from them. Walking around the lake is about 1.5 miles but you don’t have to do all of this as there are paths to shorten this walk.
  2. There are many ducks and geese to feed, so remember to take some bread or seeds or crisps!
  3. Don’t take kids bikes as it is too hilly.
  4. There are no picnic tables but there are many areas to just lay out a picnic blanket and start eating. I’m not sure if this is encouraged but what fun is a park without a picnic? The best place to eat have your picnic is next to the Gothic Temple. Just take a bag for litter, as Painshill is spotless in terms of litter and should be kept this way. There is a cafe  though that sells good quality hot food and drinks, and ice cream by the entrance.
  5. The hilly area by the Gothic Temple is great to roll down.
  6. Take a football or frisbee which can be played with in the large empty green space next to Gothic Temple.
  7. Windsor Castle and Canary Wharf are some of the landmarks that can be seen from the top of the Gothic Tower.
  8. Check out the website before visiting to see what’s on. Various workshops and events take place especially in school holidays and long weekends.
  9. There is an entrance price of £7.90 per adult and £6.60 per child (5-16). Family of 4 tickets cost £25.
  10. Painshill Park can be hired for weddings, film shoots and even children’s birthday parties!

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