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After suffering with hair loss and generally tired looking hair, I was desperate to try a new shampoo to give it some oomph. I have very dry hair, quite typical for south Asian hair so always looking for a moisturising shampoo that will add some shine. Whilst browsing the shelves of a Rush hair salon, the stylist there recommended Philip Kingsley’s range of shampoos and conditioners.

Philip Kingsley is a well-known trichologist who has a chain of clinics and products, his website has a wealth of information. His products have won awards and are supposed to work extremely well. The cost however was putting me off as I’ve tried many expensive shampoos and been impressed with very few. Desperate times called for desperate measures so I went for it and bought the Moisture Balance Shampoo at £18 and Moisture Balance Conditioner at £20, both 250 ml bottles.

After the first few washes I noticed my hair felt softer after each wash. But then the effect wore off and after the 4th or 5th wash it didn’t give the same result. I was disappointed as I was hoping this would be the answer to my hair problems. The other thing about this shampoo is that it doesn’t lather much at all, in fact there is hardly any foam and it doesn’t feel like I’ve shampooed my hair, although once dry it feels clean. The conditioner is like any other conditioner and of course it’s running out before the shampoo! Philip Kingsley also has a range of hair tonics and creams which I may try like the Elasticizer, which is supposed to be a revolutionary haircare product.

Sadly I won’t be buying the shampoo or conditioner again due to the price. Whilst it may be doing some good to my hair long term what with all the proteins it has in it, I cannot justify buying it at this price!

Score: 6/10
Cost: Moisture Balance Shampoo £18, Moisture Balance Conditioner £20



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