Rio 2 and the Barbatuques

On Monday we were invited by Mumsnet and Fox to the launch of Rio 2 on DVD, in London Zoo. The morning started with an introduction from The Barbatuques who recorded one of the songs — ‘Beautiful Creatures’ on the Rio 2 soundtrack. They are a group of performers who create music and sounds using their bodies only — so lots of clapping and use of hands and mouths to create amazing sounds. My children enjoyed taking part in the interactive show The Barbatuques put on, copying the hand gestures and sounds. It was entertaining to watch the children imitating.

If you have seen Rio then you’ll know what to expect in Rio2. Rio is one of our favourite movies as a family, and we have watched it many times. I love the beautiful colours and music as well as the comical dialogues. Rio 2 is very similar with the same high standard of humour, music and even better animation. The main character ‘Blu’ voiced by Jesse Eisenburg is still the clumsy, urban and witty macaw from the first movie, this time with three children in tow. The story is slightly predictable though (think Meet The Parents) but still entertaining with all the original characters and cast featuring in the sequel, plus some new stars like Andy Garcia and Bruno Mars. One of the highlights of the movie is the return of evil cockatoo Nigel who is accompanied by a crazy stalker poison dart frog love interest Gabi. Totally over the top and hilarious. As far as animated films are concerned Rio and Rio2 are definitely amongst the best, and one of those rare animated films which are engaging for adults as well as children. One last thing I want to add, although this is an animated film, it’s really worth watching on blue ray, so you can listen to the fantastic Brazilian music in high definition, and absorb the beauty and brightness of the scenery.

Rio 2 is now out on DVD and Blue Ray. Thank you to Mumsnet for inviting us for the purposes of this review.

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