Royal Nawaab London — An Evening of Gluttony

After many unsuccessful attempts I finally made it to Royal Nawaab for an evening of overeating. After an hours drive (yes it took a whole hour) I parked up after seeing my friends queuing up outside. I was running a bit late so missed out on the queueing part, by the time I squeezed my car in the car park thankfully they’d gone inside. (You can’t book in advance if you have less than 10 people hence the queuing.)

First of all I’ve never seen so much security outside a restaurant. There were two weddings going on in their banqueting suites but there was security exclusively for the restaurant area too. Draw your own conclusions. Inside, the restaurant was packed. Full up actually with about 200 diners and not a lot of room to move between tables.

Nawaabs is a noisy family orientated restaurant so don’t expect to have a lot of conversation as on a fri/sat night it’s just too busy. Nawaab in London has been around for a few years now, the original one being in Manchester. What makes Nawaab unique is the choice of specialty dishes. I don’t know of any other buffet where you can eat  traditional Pakistani and Indian dishes like Nihari, Haleem and Paya along with Samosa Chaat, as well as about 100 other things! Of course quality of food is always an issue in buffets and Nawaab have done well to keep the authenticity and freshness of their dishes. It’s commendable that traditional dishes which take hours and hours to cook are available daily. Most restaurants have these specialties on weekends only. And I must say the Haleem and Nihari were spot on. The Paya I thought had too much garam masala and not enough salt.

Out of our party of six adults, four of us agreed, we are never coming here again! Reason being, the food is just too heavy and rich. Delicious and authentic but just too much. Four of us were all ill the next day with indigestion and all sorts, but I won’t blame Nawaab I just blame ourselves for eating too much. Our stomaches were not made to ingest this amount of meat and spices in one sitting.

All the usual things are available from chicken tikka, kebabs, all different types of curries, street food, rices, breads, salads plus some Chinese dishes as well as lasagne! Now that I’m thinking about the food, I would love some more Namkin Gosht which was one of the tastiest dishes there. It’s hard for me to say what is the best as I couldn’t possibly taste everything, but out of all the many things I sampled the best three things for me were:

  1. Lamb Chops — behind the main buffet selection there are chefs BBQing and serving up the more exclusive dishes. Definitely hang around for those lamb chops which are fresh off the grill, spicy and hot.
  2. Namkin Gosht (Salty Lamb Curry) — Another lamb dish, one I’ve never had before but it was so tender and the spices mild but flavoursome. I need me some more of this.
  3. Taka Tak — Apparently taka tak is a dish made up of some gross minced parts of an animal but what the hell it tasted fantastic. Not to be confused with Kata Kat which is liver and kidney. I say no more.

After eating so much, there’s little room for dessert. I said little, not none, so I tried the Apple Crumble and Shai Tukra (Pakistani version of bread and butter pudding) which were super delicious. Also tried Falooda which was ok. There is a variety of ice cream but it didn’t look too appetising. There’s also cakes and mithai but they didn’t appeal. Oh and Halwa Puri which doesn’t really count as a dessert now does it?

If you’re not from an Indian or Pakistani background then Nawaab is a great place to try lots of dishes that you may not get in your local Indian restaurant, so I would highly recommend.

In conclusion you go to a buffet to get a variety of food but in reality you can only have a few in Nawaab without getting sick. You’d think variety is a good thing but too much food can be a bad thing. If you want to indulge excessively and eat until your heart is content then go to Nawaab, or you could possibly exercise some willpower?

No photos as I left my phone in the car!

Halal Status: All food halal, supplier info available.  No Alcohol or Pork. Prayer room available.
Address: Hoover Building 7, Western Avenue, Perivale, Greenford, UB6 8DB
Parking: Free underground parking for 200 cars.
Cost: ££
Monday – Thursday :
Adults – £17.95 per head excluding drinks
Children aged 4 and above and less than 11 – £8.00 per head excluding drinks
Children aged 11 and above – £17.95 per head excluding drinks
Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Adults – £19.95 per head excluding drinks
Children aged 4 and above and less than 11 – £10.00 per head excluding drinks
Children aged 11 and above – £19.95 per head excluding drinks (Tap water only available from bar, no table service)

High Chairs available


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