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Finally I made it to Stax Diner for a cousin’s birthday. Located in the ever so cute Kingly Court off Carnaby Street, Stax is an American style burger place. I’d heard a lot about it over social media and on tv program ‘Curious Foodie’, so I was really looking forward to it. First thing to realise is that it’s a very small restaurant, so seating was a bit of a squeeze and the stools aren’t that comfy. It’s not somewhere where you can sit for hours, and a group bigger than six would be hard to accommodate. The layout and decor of Stax is simple but this is deliberate.

Best Dish: The Big Stax (cooked to medium). Simple with some great toppings such as maple glazed beef bacon — sweet and crispy, caramelised onion and your choice of cheese to choose from  either American, cheddar, stilton or Monterey Jack.

Recommended: Adding stilton to your burger, it tastes amazing as it melts so beautifully over the beef. Stax gives you a choice of cheese for some of the burgers or you can have it added as an extra cost. Equally you can make it a double or triple burger or add other toppings for an added cost.

Disappointing: Onion rings and fries ordered as a side, were a bit of a let down. Huge in size but sadly bland. However the ranch sauce with it was gorgeous. There were also two humungous onion rings in the Stax Insanity Burger which added nothing to the burger. I took them out after having one bite.

Avoid: Fried chicken. The breadcrumbs on the chicken are vast but sadly a bit dry. The chicken fillets in the burger are huge making them impossible to eat without it falling apart. You can’t squish them as there is too much coating.

Service: It was hard to get the attention of staff and a small toilet incident which I won’t go into detail about didn’t give me much confidence in the attentiveness of the staff. Once you got the attention of the waitress she was very nice.

Overall mixed reviews from our party of six. The buns should have been warmer, they were bordering on cold. However the beef was of high quality which can be tasted straight away. Stax boast their beef is free range and 28 days dried, and sure enough you can taste the quality and flavour. A great variety of mocktails are on offer, we tried the mojito and elderberry one which were both thirst-quenchingly yummy, albeit pricey at £5 each. I would go back to Stax if I was in the area (Regent Street/Oxford Street) but wouldn’t go into town especially for it. There are lot of halal gourmet burger restaurants popping up all over the place in North, South and especially East London too, so a trip into town isn’t necessary to satisfy your halal burger cravings.

Essential Info: Bookings are only taken for parties over 6.
Halal status: All meat halal as verified by staff and owner. Alcohol: Yes Pork: No
Address: 1st Floor, Kingly Court, London, W1B 5PW. Nearest tube: Oxford Street
Parking: Nearly impossible. Park far away and walk, or get the tube.
Cost: ££ The bill came to £115 for six adults. This included 6 burgers, 4 sides, 4 drinks and no dessert.





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  • I have to agree. .went there with ny daughter after a year so u was looking forward to it ..very disappointing burger was bland ..bun was stale ..mojito was bitter packed with mint leaves for the staff only one member of staff seemed to be really interested a young lady ..the others thought they were doing us a favor disappointed as I really liked it before this vidit

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