Ten Tips for Visiting Durdle Door — Dorset

One of the most breathtakingly beautiful sites in the UK is in Dorset, and it is less than a three hours drive from London. The area we visited is called Durdle Door and Lulworth Cove which are a 5 minute drive from each other but most people walk on the coastal path which is pretty awesome. A hiker’s paradise.

I’ve compiled a list of things I wish I knew before I visited!

  1. Durdle Door is part of the Jurassic coast which stretches ninty-five miles across the south of England. There is a lovely beach at the Durdle Door Arch which is safe for children to play and swim in.
  2. The Durdle Door Arch (natural limestone) is accessible by a long walk from Lulworth Cove or by walking down many steps from the Durdle Door car park at the top. There is no easy access! If you have trouble walking — then it’s difficult to get down to the bottom, and buggies are out of the question. It’s even harder walking back to the car park – pure uphill struggle which takes a good 15 minutes. Took us longer as our 4 year olds shoe kept coming off.
  3. There is nothing to eat in Durdle Door! There is an ice cream seller and tea vendor in the car park but they are shut on Mondays. Take a picnic with a blanket — there are no picnic tables or benches. For food you have to walk or drive to Lulworth Cove, or buy snacks from the convenience store in Lulworth Holiday Park.
  4. Wear walking shoes/boots — sandals, flip-flops or heels are not appropriate especially on the slippery steps which can be muddy from rain.
  5. Toilets are only in the car park!!
  6. Your pay and display car park ticket is valid at both Durdle Door and Lulworth Cove car parks which is useful as it’s £5 for a 4 hours stay.
  7. The coastal walks can go on for miles and miles — you can pick up a guide from the Heritage Centre in Lulworth Cove.
  8. Lulworth Cove has a fish and chip restaurant, as well as two other restaurants, a chocolate shop and an ice cream shop as well as a few other. You have to walk past these to get to the Cove bit.
  9. Be careful as there are many steep rolling cliffs, whilst fun to explore – don’t slip or you might die!!
  10.  After all that walking visit Lulworth Cove Inn for some top quality food.


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