The best coffee shops in South West London

Anyone who knows me will know I do like a GOOD cup of coffee. Emphasis on the ‘good’ there. I admit I am a coffee snob. I don’t drink instant coffee and I don’t have more than one coffee a day (usually) and sometimes I don’t even have that one cup, believe it or not.

However the most disappointing thing is paying £3 or more for a coffee and it basically tastes like hot water and milk. Yuck. It’s come to a point that I’d rather not have coffee than have a dud one. I know, I sound so pretentious.  My dream job is actually going from cafe to cafe and tasting the coffee and cakes, it might happen one day! I’m no coffee connoisseur but I know a quality cup of coffee from a rubbish one and I did write this article about coffee once.

I also got an education on coffee from my trip to Coffee Island in Leicester Square, so I know a little!

Anyway I decided to make a list of my favourite coffee shops in South West London where I will go for that special cup and perhaps to do a bit of work or ultimately to catch up with a friend. Sadly I’ve not been to every coffee shop in South West London or Surrey so if you have any recommendations then please leave a comment below! Drink of choice: Flat white with non-dairy milk (because you know, issues).

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Beanberry — Kingston-Upon-Thames

Relatively new to to Kingston, Beanberry is a coffee lovers paradise. The menu is complicated, I’m not going to lie, even I was a tad confused. They have many different blends, organic coffee, chemex or V60, the focus being on fresh coffee that is bagged within 24 hours of roasting from their roastery in Woking. I went for a simple flat white and loved it. They have a small range of cakes including gluten-free. I had my coffee accompanied by a bakewell style almond cake, it was heaven! I could go here every day.

Beautiful coffee and cake
Beanberry Coffee and cake


Artisan — East Sheen

My love affair with coffee started in Artisan. It was a moment where I thought, wow, how did I not know coffee could taste THIS good? Thick and creamy, the piccolo I had was beautiful. I haven’t been here for a while but currently trying to find an excuse to go to East Sheen.

My Local Hero — Kingston-Upon-Thames

Another Kingston favourite, My Local Hero was probably one of the first independent coffee shops I’d been to that served non-dairy milk. I absolutely love their decor and menu which is based around rustic, mostly vegetarian, healthy organic food. It’s a great little place for lunch and is always busy! The coffee is really yummy and the staff really care about what they do which is an added bonus.

Harris & Hoole — Tesco, New Malden

Coffee art
A small coffee

Yes it’s an artisan coffee shop inside Tesco! Not the best location but on the flip side, three hours free parking? Again I wouldn’t expect brilliant coffee but these guys are so good at what they do. Originally opened as an independent with Tesco investing in the business, Harris & Hoole have that hipster vibe going on with a chalkboard, free lemon water and comfy sofas making it feel like  an independent coffee shop. (It’s now partly owned by Caffe Nero). But their coffee is worth it. They also do really good mocha and iced coffee with an array of dairy free options. They have lots of branches scattered around London, and in South West London in Fulham, Twickenham, Sunbury, Guildford and Weybridge.

Tazza — Sutton

Tazza is an unassuming independent coffee shop, again with great customer service. It’s focus is responsibly sourced and ethical coffee alongside serving the local community. The menu is not complicated and I recommend their flat white with oat milk, you will not regret it. They also have a loyalty yay!


Gloria Jeans Coffee — Sutton

Breakfast with feta cheese & vegetable
Grilled Vegetables breakfast
Piccolo Gloria Jeans Coffee

Gloria Jeans Coffee just opened recently in Sutton High Street. I went in with my daughters for lunch not expecting great coffee. The flat-white was rich and strong, the sandwiches delicious, and plus point that they serve lactofree milk as well as the usual soya, coconut etc. Gloria Jeans Coffee is an Australian chain that I only saw in Karachi so I was pretty excited to see it in Sutton. Apparently this is the only branch in England so if you’re in the area do check it out. Best thing is that they use halal meats in their sandwiches. I recommend the brie, onion and turkey ham toastie. In a high street that is flooded with the usual high street coffee chains, this is a welcome addition.

Wafflemeister — Kingston-Upon–Thames

Wafflemeister Coffee
Wafflemeister Coffee
Wafflemeister Freak Shake
Wafflemeister Freak Shake

If you can go to Wafflemeister and just have coffee then you have the willpower of a Jedi Knight, I’ve done it twice before and it was not easy. But their coffee is on par and really worth going in for. It makes it so much better watching your kids eat delicious waffles when your coffee hits the spot. They also do amazing milkshakes as pictured above! I prefer the coffee in this branch than the Wimbledon one.

Gails — Wimbledon Village

Coffee with sunglasses
Gail’s Flat White

Oh yes, Gails is famous for their delicious baked goods and that totally out of this world chocolate cake but their coffee is worth shouting about. They have many branches around London, including one in Barnes but this is the nearest to me. Now obviously Wimbledon Village has lots of cafes and I admit I’ve not been to every single one but Gails is a sure thing!

Cake & Bingsoo — New Malden

This Korean cafe is absolutely charming with cute pretty furniture and lighting. Cake & Bingsoo use traditional English crockery yet serving up great coffee as well as tea (not interested in the tea!) along with Bingsoo — a Korean ice cream dessert. I’m not a huge fan of bingsoo but most people love it!  Bingsoo Cafe is weird and wacky and unsurprisingly in New Malden where there is a 15,000 strong Korean community, so they know what they’re talking about. They also do a buffet breakfast here which I’ve yet to try.

Mango Bingsoo with coffee
Bingsoo and Coffee

Where do you go, for your favourite cup of coffee?



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