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Welcome to #MuslimBiz which is a new segment on Britpakgirl showcasing a Muslim Business every month. For the month of December (I know it’s January now but Xmas got in the way!)  I want to introduce you to Dr Aleem who is the owner of The Kensington Clinic.

Dr Aleem has been practising dentistry for over fifteen years so he comes with an impressive repertoire of experience. The Kensington Clinic specialises in cosmetic dentistry so they have all the latest technology and equipment to make sure their customers have the best smile possible. When I heard about The Kensington Clinic, I knew he would be the perfect choice for my first MuslimBiz collaboration. You can watch Dr Aleem and me have a quick chat here.

My Dental Issues

My teeth have always been something I care about, and USED to be quite happy with. In the last five years or so I have noticed that my teeth have become less white and sadly a bit crooked! I had braces in my teens but never wore a retainer so I feel paranoid showing my teeth in photos. This has been going on for years now. It’s so sad that I spent years of agony as a teenager have those horrific train tracks (with rubber bands by the way) only for them to start getting wonky again.

I went along on a Saturday (the Kensington Clinic is open on a Saturday) to meet Dr Aleem where he told me about the treatments he offers. What I loved about the clinic is that it doesn’t look like your typical minimalist, cold dentist practice that you might imagine. It’s got a baroque look with funky wallpaper and large photos of Hollywood icons like Audrey Hepburn. It’s a cosy environment which always helps, as going to the dentist is not usually a favoured past time. On top of this Dr Aleem and his staff are really friendly and make you feel totally comfortable,which I think is very important when you go to have any procedure.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a brand that makes invisible braces for maligned teeth. So it’s perfect if you’ve never had braces as your teeth weren’t too bad but could do with a bit of straightening or maybe like me, had braces but have gone wonky again! The treatment is only 7-12 weeks long depending on what sort you go as there’s a few choices, but the main thing is, they’re invisible! I’m not having Invisalign just yet but I may reconsider a few years down the line.

What happens during teeth whitening?

At the dentist

The first thing to do for my teeth whitening treatment was to make impressions of my teeth. This is done through a completely non-painful method where I had to bite into a pink plasticine like substance. After this I was given the teeth whitening gel and off home I went. My impressions were made into mouth trays and posted to me so I didn’t have to go back to the clinic just for that.

Opalescence teeth whitening at The Kensington Clinic
Opalescence teeth whitening

Making the teeth whitening mouth trays take a few days as the bespoke trays come from America. Contrary to popular belief, all kinds of teeth whitening take a couple of weeks. The reason why The Kensington Clinic are experts in teeth whitening is because they use the industry’s best products – Opalescence with chemical strength 16%. The mouth trays are made only for you and this is something you can’t get without going to a dentist.

At home

Opalescence Teeth Whitening Gel
Opalescence Teeth Whitening Gel & Mouth Tray

Once I received the trays, all I had to do was put the gel into the mouth trays and place in my mouth. The gel comes in eight syringes and this should be more than enough for two weeks. You can see me doing this on my Instagram story highlights. All you do is put the trays in your mouth with the gel, every night for 4-6 hours, for two weeks. Using less than half a syringe a night is adequate.  The trays do feel funny at first but you quickly get used to them! It’s a painless procedure but I did a feel some sensitivity on my teeth. I returned to Dr Aleem in the new year so he could sort out a pesky filling of mine.

Here are the before and after:

Before Teeth Whitening
Before Teeth Whitening
After Teeth Whitening
After Teeth Whitening

As you can see from the photos, my teeth are significantly whiter — please note that these photos have not got any filters applied and this is the real colour of my teeth! And now the dodgy yellow filling is gone too. Result!

If you are thinking about getting your teeth whitened then you can call The Kensington Clinic (020 7603 3008) and quote ‘Britpakgirl’ and get the treatment for £249 only. (£360 usually) The offer is available until  31st January 2019. If you call before this date you can book your appointment for a later date. If you have any questions about teeth whitening, feel free to ask!

Essential Info

Only one trip to the The Kensington Clinic required. Please quote ‘Britpakgirl’ for the discounted price. All other conventional dentistry and advanced cosmetic dentistry is carried out at The Kensington Clinic.

Address: The Kensington Clinic, 6 Russell Gardens, Kensington, London W14 8EZ. Phone No:  020 7603 3008

Getting there: Meter parking right outside (free after 1.30 on Saturday). Free parking on Holland Road or park at Westfield London (5-10 min walk). Nearest station: Shepherd’s Bush/Kensington Olympia.

Cost: £249 for teeth whitening. Book before 31st January and quote ‘Britpakgirl’ for the discount.

Teeth whitening at The Kensington Clinic
Teeth whitening at The Kensington Clinic

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