The Launch Of Shiny and New Terminal 2 at Heathrow

June 4th 2014 will see the launch of the new Terminal 2 building in Heathrow Airport otherwise known as the Queen’s terminal. It has been closed since 2009 and a whopping £2.65 billion of private investment has gone into the rebuild. I was inviting to the preview, where some of the retailers were showcasing their products and services.  The whole project has a high end, luxurious feel giving all travellers regardless of ticket type a feel-good start to their journeys. Plaza Premium offers ALL travellers a 1st class lounge experience — it even has a wellness spa. Some of the other services available at Terminal 2 will include a free personal shopping lounge and free hand massages from Jo Malone. Here are some of the exhibitors who stood out for me:

Celebrity chef Heston Blumenthals who needs no introduction will be opening his first restaurant at an airport called The Perfection Café. Dishes include classic Fish & Chips and all things British. The Perfection cafe will be serving up an array of weird and wonderful smoke infused cocktails — they are working on a non-alcohol version I’ve been told! Also on the menu is liquid nitrogen ice cream and pizzas cooked in the first wood-burning oven used in an airport. It’s great people will be able to eat at one of Heston’s restaurants without needing to book a table.

Awesome ice sculpture at the Seafood Bar

I also met the very lovely Jo Pratt who is opening The Gorgeous Kitchen with three others which will be offering a full English breakfast and afternoon tea, amongst other dishes throughout the day. Emphasis will be on seasonal produce and all the ingredients will be sourced in Britain.

Caviar House and Prunier is the stuff which dreams are made of. These guys have been in the old T2 terminal for thirty years. Serving the freshest smoked salmon harvested 48 hours prior to serving, these guys have the edge. You always find seafood and caviar bars in airports and I’ve always wondered who eats there. But I would quite happily tuck into some smoked salmon here as they have different flavoured salmon that quite literally melts in your mouth. I tried some salmon with orange…yum. Also I have never seen such huge crabs in my life. They also sell chocolate!

Sunglasses Hut will have a huge shop, offering shoppers a fantastic new service using this funky app which allows any pair of sunglasses to be super imposed onto your image using a tablet. An immense display of sunglasses from all the usual brands can be purchased at of course duty free prices.

World Duty Free of course is a presence in all major airports here in the UK. Here you can choose from over a 100 different complimentary massages and facials — only if you leave enough time in between check-in and your flight departing!

Cath Kidston, the iconic brand is a great store for tourists to pick up something quintessentially British as a souvenir or gift. You can get some pretty cute travel accessories and swim wear which I wouldn’t really associate usually with Cath Kidston.

I can’t remember the last time I flew from Terminal 2, but I’m hoping my next trip abroad leaves from there!

Cath Kidston

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