Top 5 Apps for Muslims

There seems to be an app for everything these days! Let’s face it, Muslims can have some complex needs when it comes to praying, eating and our general daily activities. Which apps are the most useful though? I’ve narrowed it down to the five apps which I think are most-worthy of your smart phone memory space.

  1. Muslim Pro

    Cost : £2.99

    This is the ultimate app that covers most needs of a Muslim. Prayer times, Adhaan reminders, Qibla finder, mosque finder (up to 7kms of your current location), Quran recitation, a virtual tasbih, restaurants, zakat calculator, templates for Islamic greetings to make your own memes, duas, calendar and more. It’s pretty comprehensive and I like that everything is in one place. However it can take a few clicks to find and get to the thing that you need.

    Muslim Pro uses Google to search for mosques so a Google search will also produce the same result. I love the Community section where you can share prayer requests, which is one of the unique things about Muslim Pro. I also love the many different calls to prayer options you can choose from. A free version is available but the upgrade to Muslim Pro is worth it as those ads are extremely irritating.

  2. Quran IQ

    Cost: Free for the first lesson then £5.99 or share on social media to unlock more lessons.

    This app teaches you the meaning of the Quran in the form of fun questions. It starts from the last surah An-Nas, working backwards through the surahs. It’s a great app for anyone who wants to understand the literal meaning of words in the Quran. It quizzes you in different ways and then tells you how many questions you got right at the end of each lesson. Each lesson covers a few verses depending on the length of the verse, so within one surah you can will have many lessons. The shorter surahs are fantastic for children to learn basic translation. It’s also a great way to test your memory and learn Arabic words in a different way. Currently the app only covers chapters 28, 29 and 30 but the other chapters are coming soon.

  3. iQuran Lite

    Cost: Free

    A digital Quran with an English translation option. You can read it or you can listen, or do both! It is free but can upgrade to iQuran for £2.99. I think the Lite version is adequate and the reciter Mahmoud Al Husary in the free version is great for reading along as his speed is slow and on par with my Arabic reading! This is the ultimate digital Quran that one needs.

  4. Halal Guide

    Cost: Free

    This is a multi-faceted global app intended to make the search for halal places easier. Not just halal food but mosques, islamic clothing shops, travel, banks, charities etc. There is a ‘Ask the Imam’ section and a whole wealth of information. I like that the The Halal Guide App categorises halal restaurants, delivery and grocery shops separately. Halal Guide also categorises the halal restaurants based on their credibility. There are Red, Yellow and Green Flags, and these flags determine the halal credibility of that restaurant:

    • The Red Flag shows restaurants and takeaways that serve Alcohol and Shisha.
    • The Yellow Flag shows restaurants and takeaways that do not have the appropriate Halal certificate, or have a certificate of Halal food from their meat suppliers only.
    • And the Green Flag shows the restaurants and takeaways that are Halal, with the appropriate Halal certificate.

    Apart from food this app has the ability as a muslim business owner to input your details into the app so it is part of the database. There is also a reviews section which is useful.

  5. Islamic GPS

    Cost: Free

    Qibla finder and mosque locater. Although Muslim Pro has some of the functions, Islamic GPS offers a larger radius (up to 20 kms) for places to pray. Islamic GPS also doesn’t use Google for searching. So if you’re not at the location where you need to find a mosque (or an Islamic Landmark) then you can still search for it as long as it’s within 20 kms of your current location.  The cool thing about Islamic GPS is that it is an augmented reality app. This means it gives you a live view of the world using GPS data. I think it would work really well abroad when you’re lost, trying to find mosques and monuments to visit.

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