WowTrip To Cologne, Germany

What is a WowTrip?

Not so long ago I took the plunge and went on a WowTrip! What is WowTrip I hear you ask? WowTrip is a surprise destination website which books a short European holiday on your behalf. You simply enter in your departure airport, number of people travelling and duration. It then gives you the option to choose your dates. Conveniently, every date displays the cost so you can pick dates according to the price. You can also pick what times of the day you roughly want your flights to be. Once you’ve chosen your dates, it will show you all the available destinations. You then get the choice to remove any city which you don’t want to go to (you can disregard one for free, then there is a £5/10 cost per disregarded destination). After entering passenger details, you pay and that’s all you need to do!

Outside Koln Cathedral
Outside Cologne Cathedral

When do I find out where I’m going?

24-48 hours before the departure date, you can log on to your WowTrip account and all the documents will be online. The departure time and weather forecast is shown without mentioning the destination, then all other information is displayed as links so you click on them if you wish to. This includes city guide, hotel details (3*-4* only), boarding cards and flight information. Now WowTrip really try hard to keep it a surprise destination but of course my inquisitiveness got the better of me. As soon as I realised the information was online I couldn’t help but click on the destination guide. But if you really want to be surprised, you don’t have to do anything. Just turn up to the airport!

For my WowTrip I was sent to Cologne (Köln). Initially I didn’t know what to think as I knew nothing about the city. My excitement set in when I got to the airport. I was going as part of an amazing Blogger Group run by The Travel Hack, so I was happy that I’d be in good company. We flew RyanAir , and stayed at the better than I expected Holiday Inn Express, which was only a 20-minute walk to the city centre. An added bonus that I didn’t know about was that breakfast was included! You can read more about Cologne in my next post.

View from Koln Triangle
Sunset from Koln Triangle

Why go on a WowTrip?

Paying for a holiday without knowing where you are going involves a bit of a leap of faith. But as WowTrip is inexpensive, £150 – £250 it’s not going to break the bank.  As possible destinations are approved by you when booking, little can go wrong.

The best use of WowTrip would be when you want to go away with friends and can’t agree on where to go or if you just want a getaway and can’t be bothered to do the research! Or perhaps as a gift for a loved one. It’s an excellent idea, if you just simply want to be surprised. We also saw quite a few stag and hen do’s in Cologne.

I think the idea of not stressing about hotels is so attractive when booking a city break I’m seriously considering booking a weekend city break for my family. It’s such an exciting idea and completely takes the stress out of booking a short trip. If I can save hours of googling, then I’m in!

Coloured buildings by the Rhein
Coloured buildings by the River Rhein

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6 thoughts on “WowTrip To Cologne, Germany”

  • Sounds like you had an amazing time in Cologne. Would know if this is only for adults or can children accompany too, more specifically if it’s a good option for family travel?

  • Your Cologne trip has been recorded really well, appreciate the things to do guide with Children. We love the walks and my kids are familiar with the short city breaks and on top of that the dramas with flights at the airports. I will definitely be looking into Cologne next.
    I love this concept that’s available for a ‘WowTrip’. its a great idea. Not sure that working full time and juggling kids, school, homework will be allow me to use so frequently or at all BUT definitely good to know about it and even this will actually encourage me to browse through. Thanks

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