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Have you heard of Zip-Now London? It’s a new zip wire that runs across Archbishop Park. It’s 235 metres long and 35 metres high — that’s the height of nine double-decker buses! I took two of my children (age 9 & 12) and my son’s friend (age 12). Here’s what happened:

  1. It says the walk from Waterloo station is 10 minutes. It’s not if you use Apple maps. It’s 18 minutes. Please allow time to find the park as it’s a bit out-of-the-way.
  2. Take drinks with you. It was a really hot day when we went and we had nothing to eat or drink! There was an ice-cream van in the park but I’d put my purse in the locker room.
  3. When you arrive in Archbishops Park, there are two towers —the start and the finish of the zip line. Go to the one at the far end.
  4. You have to sign a waiver, save time by doing this online for every member of your group before you arrive.
  5. On registration, you need your e-ticket and signed waiver form (electronic is fine), then you will be weighed!
  6. After this you go into watch a short safety video and are provided with lockers.
  7. The lockers were taken/broken so  staff looked after everyone’s bags behind the counter.
  8. I was wearing open toe sandals which had to be taken off and then I had to borrow from their supply of plimsolls. On the website it only says no flip-flops, so I though these would be ok but it’s something to do with health & safety whilst climbing the stairs.
  9. Zip-Now provide you with a bum bag thingy, use this to keep your phone/camera/sweets/money in.

    Getting ready
  10. We had a MASSIVE wait after the safety video to actually getting onto the zip-line. The staff said it’s unusually busy. Our booked time was 4pm and by the time we got on it was 5.30pm. I’m not sure why it was overbooked but apparently it was unusual.

  11. The staff is really helpful and polite. They were also very apologetic about how long everyone had to wait. As there are three zip lines, only three people can go at one time.

    Kids getting ready
  12. After putting our harnesses on we had to walk across to the other tower in the park (great time to buy an ice cream) and then wait again in a queue to climb up.
  13. Safety is paramount and the harnesses were checked many times by different staff much to my relief.

    The Zip Wire
  14. I’ll be straight with you. I was looking forward to this until I saw exactly how high it was. When I started climbing the staircase, I started getting anxious. Being scared of heights doesn’t help but usually always adds an extra bit of thrill for me. Knowing that I was responsible for three children didn’t help either.
  15. You have to walk up 10 storeys to get to the top of the tower. Nearing the top the tower swayed due to wind. This REALLY freaked me out. I thought I might be having hallucinations. The children reassured me that it was definitely swaying and I wasn’t have some sort of turn.
  16. Then came the worst part. You have to walk to the edge of the platform and walk two steps down. The steps are immersed in the air! This was the scariest part of the whole experience. (Up until this point you can take photos).
  17. Once you’re on the step, the staff count down from three (after attaching you to the wire) and then you just let go!
  18. The actual zip-wire lasts about fifteen seconds and is a lot of fun! The kids really enjoyed it and were on a buzz for some time after. All the waiting was worth it in the end!

    Zip wire

Essential Info:

Zip-Now London is open until 9th September.

Address: Archbishops Park, Carlisle Lane, London SE1 7LE.

Nearest station: Waterloo or Lambeth South.

Cost: £22.50 per adult, £16 per child. Discounts for students/civil service employees. For an extra £10 you can have another go. 

Nearest prayer room: Anywhere in the park or you can go to St.Thomas’ Hospital which has a prayer room (South Wing, Ground Floor).

Food situation: There’s nothing near the park but you can walk to Southbank or to the restaurants around Waterloo. 

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